A Bullet Proof Wallet… Does it Work???

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“Club Diver” by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw

logan eckersley says:

The funny thing is that people that will try and shoot you won’t go for you butt first 😂😂


Just put ceramic tiles in the wallets and layer them like dragon skin, from your wish .com video

Terozon Tondu Gaming says:

rip his butt its still sore lol even a weak later.

The Jack of All Trades says:

I do t think that gun has 9 bullets😂 I counted 4 times he cocked that gun and 5 times he shot it😂😂😂 1911s with a 45. APC typically only fire 7 round Magazines

Steve Berra says:

So you’re saying he literally has a prison wallet?

CyberTacos says:

Amazing intro

Man The says:

DemolitonRanch when you are alone: 3:55
DemolitionRanch when mom walks in: 4:25

Shall not Comply says:

The magic bullet he switches the 6.5 creegmor for a 6.5 carcono.

Professor Babypork says:

I half expected him to pull out a 50bmg in the skit at the starr

Golden Babay yoda squad says:

The 45 acp legit looked like a cupcake

You Was says:

Cops: why do you have a golden pistol
This guy:*S C I E N C E*

Natasha Pacheco says:

When a wallet was invented for captain america lol

Ryan Straight says:

The part when the shorts rip while he is trying to get the wallet! I almost pissed myself.

Elijah Wallace says:

How many Times do you reload a golden pistol jees

nosegoblin commander says:

8 wallets in your pocket will protect your a**
8 mask on your face will protect you from Covid

Because It makes no SΞΝSΞ says:

GOLD GUN, versus mysterious wallet


Robber: cocks pistol 1 too many times
Me: what the fuck


why do you have so many wallets?

"for my safety"