Adam Schefter breaks down the factors that led to Deshaun Watson's trade request | First Take

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Stephen A.’s initial reaction to Watson’s trade request:
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Adam Schefter react to news of Houston Texans star QB Deshaun Watson formally requesting a trade from the team.
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Terry Gyimah says:

Landing spots: Patriots, Saints, Colts, Steelers, Washington, Jets, 49ers, Broncos, Cowboys, Dolphins, Bears, Panthers

William Loewecke says:

Bill O'Brien Jack Easterby The Texans way the more that people screw up and do stupid things they get ahead. Oh no it's time for another promotion. There past screw ups got them into this mess.

Aanhek Kumar Ray says:

A controversy in Houston

Jah Prime says:

This is the second worst part of the NFL after major serious injuries. Owners holding guys hostage that don't want to be there for a reasonable reason. Your org already looks bad so you make it look worse by denying a guy his freedom. Just accept what happened , say the organization has issues that are going to be resolved but we understand the bridge with Desean is burned. They're going to get a great trade . Move on amicably. It reminds people of slavery which isn't comparable but the thought enters people's minds nevertheless.

Lamar Davis says:

Many people ask for advice they won't use, the issue is players feel to comfortable as if they run the team. When do you remember that this is a business and owners owe you nothing but your check.

Humberto Lopez says:

Aaron for Deshaun

Ez Skreet says:

49ers should basically give up all their picks for the next 2 years and get Watson

Tom Scell says:

Dont trade him
Fine him til he’s broke
He loses years in his prime and tenor in the league which will effect him in his future.

The players don’t run the team and I hope the Texans stand strong

Jay San says:

Stephen A. looks disappointed that it’s not racism. The Houston Texans are just a bunch of bumbling idiots in the head office, who really have no idea what they’re doing.

Scott Love says:

Adam. You left out the part where he loses 40 mil and time served. It might not matter but to omit that is weak…

Jerome Schulze says:

Watson now prob will go to jets!!

Jerome Schulze says:

Houston dont no how to do nfl mlb !! Trade away hig time playerd that dont no how to keep happy

isaiah goud says:

They really chose jack easterby over deshaun Watson

mr mackey says:

Deshaun to San Francisco

SmackxDaddy says:

But he'll loose so much money by not showing up

DiJon Franklin says:

I know the pausing was pissing them off 💀😂

Jack Carraway says:

Teams and plagers need to learn how to honor a contract.

Giovanni V says:

Lose deshaun Watson, traded away Hopkins for a old slow David Johnson’s bloated contract, gave away 2 first rounders for tunsil than pay him 22 million per year, will fuller is made of glass, JJ watt wants to retire if he isn’t traded.

Run mr. Watson!!!!!!!!

Samuel Rosa says:

Watson will go to the NFC

Samuel Rosa says:

Dolphins will build around Tua

Dave Martin says:

The whole NFL is screwed just like the NBA…

Jonathan Turek says:

Wow what the media say if it was baker Mayfield who wanted out of clevland .. Not this

HW2800 says:

Keep Watson in Houston front office! Make Watson live up to his new 4 year contract! He will faces fines and lost of pay for every day he hold out! Not play makes him rusty and loose his football skills!

Mark Morgan says:

HOUSTON need to let him go, and get 7 picks and be done with it. they look stupid, this is a race and trust issuee!!! get this years 2nd overall pick, a 3 and a 5, 6, and get a 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th next year, JETS NEED TO OFFER THIS DEAL WITH DARNOLD!!!.

gadget00 says:

JJ Watt should be next. He's done enough for the team and needs to have a better chance to get a ring next season

jasyn zangari says:

boo-hoo..another SJW crying becuz he didnt get what he wanted. Team traded Hopkins and he signs a 150 million dollar extension…but all would have been ok had they signed a black GM? let him sit then, Texans aint doing anything anyway this year, when he stops getting paid, watch how fast his contact with the team picks up

M. Jackson says:

The factors:

1) houston is a joke
2) houston is a joke
3) houston is a joke
4) easterby is a joke


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Jandrade says:

Denver needs you waston