After Second Impeachment, Trump Begins Moving Out of White House: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at a twice-impeached Trump turning against some of his closest allies as his White House gets packed up.

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After Second Impeachment, Trump Begins Moving Out of White House: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Amanda Smith says:

Yawn….you've got no material anymore pmsl….you're gonna tank hard lolol sucked in

Alexander Paideia says:

And therefore, our noble people, What is the transcendent superior wisdom, for the sake of Global Humanity, Oneself, and Immortality, according to the Ancient Secret Chinese Wisdom Tradition; what are the five kinds of the most prosperous, most powerful knowledge and wisdom that every individual could and should possess?

BigOrangeSnowman88 says:


William Clarke says:

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Michelle Toni says:

Great show r

Azooz Saoud says:

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Liz Fisher says:

You sir are sad. Selective memory is a problem with you, apparently. I know I don't have to watch, but it's just so entertaining to hear you TRY to be relevant and humorous.

hellshade2 says:

trump is moving out of the whine house because thats all this fucker has been doing as president when he was not destroying the country or pushing his supporters into a coup attempt….

We Are Legion says:

Is anyone surprised that The Orange AntiChrist released the worst demons from hell when he squatted his fugly carcass in Our House.

Andrey says:

Has he even payed El Paso yet? Poor Rudy lol

Dustin Perez says:

Anybody against my words are communist and disserever death

todd prifogle says:

Undecided Undecided Undecided . DO NOT TRUST THESE TRUMP ENABLERS .PROSECUTE THEM PROSECUTE THEM .they would prosecute me .THEY WOULD prosecute ME.

todd prifogle says:

Lindsey Graham what did he say just then what does he say now and now and …now ?

Helga Walczynski says:

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Kenny Coultrap says:

Meanwhile, Joe and Kamala's change of URL address has made it's way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ! We need to start believing these people when they say who they really are ! :

Auntie Nellie says:

Dead people walking in this thread, wow 🐑🐑🐑 🙄🍿 📽 ya'll watching fake news get ready for your Awakening, you're watching a movie and Biden is president of a corporation that no longer exists. ol sniffer and this STIFF Meyers are in GITMO.

TheMrMacheesmo says:

Seth Meyers… the least funny person on the planet

Essy Chilcutte says:

Why haven't you had Cathy Lee on?

muneca rodriguez says:

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