Ainae vs. Anna Grace – Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" – The Voice Battles 2021

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Ainae and Anna Grace compete singing Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” during The Battles on The Voice.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season. Pop music sensation Nick Jonas reclaims his red chair alongside superstar returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton for Season 20. Carson Daly returns as host. The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, and the Live Performance Shows. During the Blind Auditions, the decisions from the musician coaches are based solely on voice and not looks. If a coach is impressed by the artist’s voice, he/she pushes a button to select the artist for his/her team. The singers with the lowest number of votes will be sent home each week. In the end, one will be named “The Voice” and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract. Stream Now on the NBC App!

Ainae vs. Anna Grace – Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” – The Voice Battles 2021

The Voice

Cristian Pestillos says:


Laurel Dakini says:

Sure miss Amy , sorry but wrong song choice for both of you.

Nurulain says:

Honestly not a very good battle. A lil meh.

Sherry says:

white girl has zero grit/believability

Cupitor Veritatis says:

That was a hot mess. Bad song choice and way too out of pocket for me. They sang like they were caught between failing at making the song their own and trying to honor the original.

Adventures after 40 POHL says:

really poor song choice this season, they did well with it despite the poor song choice for a duet

Paulo Queiroz says:

Worst choice possible. We couldn't see any of them quite well

brassyjazzful says:

Wasn't there another contestant that Blake saved or stole at the very last second, to "teach" the person a lesson to step it up or something? I like him but he burned himself here trying to be slick and the producers weren't having it.

Connor says:

Anyone else remember Loren Allred singing this for her knockout?

Pokciklandscape Pokciklandscape says:

Sometimes I don't know why! Oudiens screaming!?😬😬.. shouting! The contestants is not so good 💁

Blue Lotus says:

Anna Grace did not know who Amy Winehouse was? Uhhh, pathetic. This was the most painful cringe battle I think I have ever seen on "The Voice." Terrible song choice. If you don't have the Soul of Amy Winehouse the song will never fly.

victoria clarke says:

This is a difficult song and it’s one of those songs where the musical color matter. The key of the song was changed from the original and this contributed to it being even harder to execute. Bad song choice.

Harshit Rai says:

Ainae was worthy……She can sing high notes too……

Butterfly-Pax says:

Amazing performance

lesliedrewh says:

This was a terrible song choice, Kelly was not helping them as a coach by giving them this song. Amy Winehouse had such a distinctive voice and such a unique musical style. By asking a non-professional to sing an Amy Winehouse song, you are basically setting them up for an unsatisfying performance.

Ema Fricker says:

They actually sounded better together than separately

Tanja Smit says:

No one can do Amy justice!! Not a great pic for these two…. voices to light and fluffy….and I prefer singers that just sing the song without all the antics….

Lucy Lu says:

both can sing but this was a horrific version of a truly iconic song

Holly ayyy says:

This is solid. I have not been blown away by much of anything this season aside from Cams audition.

Mummyts says:

Are they nervous? 😃

Zaileni Carrasquillo says:

did not like either

Dragondeal says:

For me Anna has a more distinctive voice and hits the theme of the song better, so I'd go with her too.

But, while singing in this battle was really good, that was also another "voice style" presentation that doesn't fit the song at all and in which the artists crouch down, squint their eyes and cramp their facial features as if they had digestive problems, no matter about the mood of music and lyrics.

Jimmy Abadilla says:

I vote for the one who have a greater range of voice and excellent control.

Digant Kaushik says:

Loren Allred outsold

papergirl Nina says:

I like that girl ainae …thats the voice i wanna hear in the record…sending 💜💜💜to her from asean malaysia 💞💞its okay girl keep moving wanna see u out there shining like a star

Marc says:

that was kind of a train wreck

Dina Chalhoub says:

I dont think the song is made for their singing style

King Casper says:

Ainae killed it so sad she deserved to win

Simon Opps says:

Of course no one can sing this like Amy Winehouse, but that's not the point, folks. They did a good job with the song I think.

ClavisRa says:

Anna is a future finalist. Anna's tone, her control, musicality, is really unique. Just wait until the battles and she can shape a song in her own vision.