Apex Legends Has Been Hacked | What Is #SaveTitanfall?

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Apex Legends Has Been Hacked | What Is #SaveTitanfall?

sources for images: https://twitter.com/alphaINTEL/status/1411654132805537796/photo/1

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Peter Hodgson says:

This is like hacking cold War and saying save bo2 its not going to happen because its an old game

T D says:

I got a LTM tab and i couldnt play for an entire day not sure if the non playable was from the hack or my bad wifi

Everett says:

Is it the same for consoles

IWana Plei says:

Why does this happens whenever I don't play Apex

Justin Piner says:

These major companies are using games like this to just milk money currently the only updates we see pushed out are to make them more money.

nuhu aliyu ladan says:

I’d .recommend q5cyber .on ig he has the mastermind .spyware tools to break every device his a pro

nuhu aliyu ladan says:

I’d .recommend q5cyber .on ig he has the .mastermind .spyware tools to break every device his a pro

Soviet Biscuit says:

I really hate whatever idiot did this because it’s got to be the dumbest idea ever, messing up Apex to try and get Respawn to fix Titan Fall. All you did was make the Apex community despise the Titan Fall community.

Jay Sierra says:

It was probably a employee who did it. And that trash company ea isn't going Todo anything, it's a shame too because titan fall was a awesome game

The Gaming Merchant says:

image source: https://twitter.com/alphaINTEL