Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

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Jinx has something to prove, especially to her sister. Arcane the animated series is coming to Netflix Fall 2021.

/dev diary: Arcane Animated Series

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Sarah Nguyen says:

she is the second champion to have shot a crow in a cinematic

notgoingtocomment says:

did this art style remind anyone else of the Into the Spiderverse movie

Nathalya k says:

ai meu coração foi lindo de mais ❤️

ToriKooo says:

nice u can really feel the impact from the fists gonna be the best animation in netflix

jacob cruz says:


DONO says:

Endlich eine LOL Serie YES!

CrimSus says:

seems like jinx buff

Hippocratic Oaf says:

Man it is about dang time Riot started putting more focus on animations. You guys may not be able to make games to save your lives, but I will never get tired of your cinematics.

Beneton says:

Is this is even League Of Legend?
Looks depressing

Notaforumguy007 says:

Gonna be spicy.

Mekiko Romanova says:

So much detail in a short few seconds, litterally watched it frame by frame to get the deeper story.
It's an amazing cinematic.

GayFilms says:

Riport ADC mele

Bia_ Melo says:

✨F O D A✨

메리싸 says:

Wait…so VI and Jinx always were sisters? Õ.o

HammerGamesBR says:

Pq a Jinx não tá usando a roupa que ela usa no LOL convencional? Isso é antes dos eventos do game ou ela foi no tictop 10?

Anonimated Anonim says:

Etrec diyalanan

cafe_soluvel says:

Wow……that's the unique thing i can say rn……… W – O – W

Mitska Perfuma says:

Beating Vi’s score won’t ever take away the trauma and betrayal Jinx felt. She will possibly never be able to truly “settle the score.”

Samurai Kattepus says:

It is possible that Vi cheated with the highscore with her gauntlets, thus it is a possibility that Jinx would actually beat her. And let's be honest, it sure must be heavy to carry all those weapons while running at 300 km/h.

felipe jovis says:

en la tabla de puntuaciones dice CLAG que me imagino que es C

댕밍 says:

애는 지가 코케인인줄 알어 그냥!!!

Bappo Jujubes says:

Jinx couldn't get the highscore on the boxing box, the highest being Vi's I'm assuming, so that's why she got real mad after getting 2nd place, maybe a parallel to Jinx being behind Vi's shadow her whole life. Take this with a grain of mossy bilgewater salt though.

박기연 says:

바이가 징크스 언니 였나보네

Brave Lil' Toasty 1273 says:

Yo what if after the stroy of Jinx and Vi is finished they make abother one in Ionia but when Zed and Shen were still students of Shen's father while they track down Khada Jhin. And how they were traumatized by it.

Or perhaps The shadow isles before it happened. Story of Kalista, Hecarim, and Viego on their efforts to save the queen.

yuet kwan chui says:

when jinx goes melee

curiosoeduu says:

nossa! sou só eu, ou mais alguém sentiu um dor pela Jinx nesse clipe ? – essa animação tá muito bem feita! Não vejo a hora de chegar o dia do lançamento.

StatisticManager says:

Блин жалко графоний такой, а не 3д шный

Ray sen says: