Avengers: Endgame – All Character Deaths Explained

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Avengers: Endgame / Avengers 4 2019 All Character Deaths & what caused the deaths full showcase 1080p HD

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#SentoriusX says:

U mean 6 infinity stones

Ivana Mitrovic ex Udovicic says:

Not 5 stones 6 stones did you wacth movie

Zombs_ _bot gaming says:

This is to sad for m me 😭😭

TheLolenator604 Mc says:

There are 6 stones

Epitacio Banuelos says:

0:04 like if you already seen endgame

Epitacio Banuelos says:

1:01 it wasn't thor it was thunder xman I think

PinkFloyd Meddle says:

I didn't watch infinity war or endgame and for some reason I don't want to!

TTVOscarthebeast says:

Well we could all say Thor went for the head

cade hanson says:

there is six stones not five dumbass

Mike Gaming says:

0:21 you mean 6 infinity srones

gremmy 67 says:

I see da muvy

Zello says:

What about Batman?

Yung Money says:

Cap made a deal to Tony that he wouldn’t die trying, but they both did..🥺

ologames 11 says:

Nebula 2014

Holly F says:

It was 6 stones

Mansoor Sobhan says:

He went from this to being the best mw player in the world

APK says:

Hey bro wtf is this video

elastico says:

taking a trip down to memory lane boys

Dom Sadowicz says:

I came here for epic mp5 build my habibi

Damien Black says:

And now he is an insane CoD player with 200k subs

ExoGhost says:

I meant to say 6 Infinity Stones, not 5. I blame fat Thor for this mistake

Edit: This comment is pinned and people still keep commenting and telling me there's 6 stones. Are you all blind? lol