Bengals & Dolphins Benches Clear After Cheap Shot Hit on Jakeem Grant

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Aaron Scarpa says:

It’s okay, no team from Cincinnati will ever amount to anything anyways. Cheap hits is all they have.

Hilxrious Sxd says:

i really don’t believe that was a “dirty cheap shot “
The defender mistimed the catch. He didn’t hit him that hard either

Big_Counrty G says:

Cincinnati Oline is as good at clearing the bench as they are at protecting Joe Burrow..

Guy Devinney says:

Cincinnati was just upset that the dolphins defense sacked their quarterback 6 times.😁

Aubrey Corbin says:

Not a cheap shot just bad timing

TheBuzness says:


Wow. Number 80 for the Bengals is chillin’ behind his teammates after that illegal hit while they protect him for the drama he caused. He is no man. He is a coward.

Even Stevens says:

4th quarter down by 2 scores, wasnt taking a cheap shot was taking a chance

Trimcoversit says:

Black lives matter except to black lives

John Tomasik says:

What fight? What brawl? A bunch of guys standing around jawing at each other is all I saw. The only hit was on the Miami punt returner.

mjaay says:

1 split second too late lol. nice hit tho

TheMW2informer says:

Great hit!!

Kevin Pitts II says:

Just show the damn fight if you’re gonna put up the film

Jet Lee says:

The bengals o line sat on the bench tho lol

Brooke Fuchs says:

I’m embarrassed to be a Bangles fan

k1ng_xxRansomxx says:

0:33 Bengals Offensive line giving the same protection here they been giving all year. 😂