Biden Says Republicans' Coronavirus Relief Proposal Is Too Small

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Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, February 3.

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Biden Says Republicans’ Coronavirus Relief Proposal Is Too Small- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Max 1 says:

Covid ia a Rothschild's plot.

Bat man says:

The learned flat assembly prepare because station qualitatively curve without a offbeat dust. illegal, tangy mine

Erin Garv says:

i don’t believe that seth approved of this thumbnail

moriah savage says:

Republican Corona virus $$$
to struggling Americans!???
Too small? Too miserly? TOO REPUBLICAN??? YES!! and WHAT!? exactly, is new ABOUT THAT !?????? BLECH!!!

Sandra Miller says:

Get all them dumbasses out of are House's. We dont like non of them we would like to have a real purge just one time realy that will be a realy good Dark day lmao

Jill Springer Forrest says:

Compromise is the fault that Obama tried & failed for years after Repubs took over Congress & Senate.
I'm glad POTUS is taking bold action that will help us average Americans.

David Neale says:

It feels like every good idea in US politics gets scaled down so it can pass the Senate. If the Biden administration announced "universal public housing" they'd scale it down until it was just an app where you could rent a yurt.

Justin Horst says:

Still a DNC spokesman I see

Obi Wan says:

We need more progressives and people who believe in modern monetary theory.  Period.  We NEED to put the pressure on president joe biden for executive action on student loan forgiveness on day one.  As the law allows.

Hannah Crouch says:

Yeesh this one was rough. Still love u tho

Mike Garza says:

Tony Fauccini sends his regards….

Kody Brooks says:

Buy dogecoin while its low price is gonna skyrocket on superbowl Sunday!!! Now now buy

David Miller says:

Hey Joe, how about that $2K check you promised before the election? Okay, I didn't vote for you, I wanted the fun chaos of the Trump Presidency to continue, but since you won(sort of) let's get that money out here. And I mean the $2000, not $1400, I've got some expensive stuff I plan to buy at my fellow taxpayers expense. That's the way Democrats work, isn't it, tax and spend us all down the tubes and call those of us that try to be fiscally conservative unfair and racist and all sorts of blame-game crap? I give you six months, a year at the outside, and future President Harris will be using Amendment 25 to clear her way to establishing SinoAmerica, the real Democratic Socialist agenda!

Lily Pao says:

Hello, Seth, I don't know anything about the Space Laser, but obviously innocent people are getting burned everywhere. Our respected Dr. Fauci who was best impersonated by Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio from Inception, among others. You are having lots of fun, aren't you?
Glad to know you are learning Chinese, never too late, maybe too early? You still make me laugh.
Lily, a little rusty

john anselmo says:

Seth, nice audience, PRICK !!

Annie Jankovic says:

"Tony the Fauc" kills me every time

Stephanie Schafer says:

Tony the Fauch is one of my favorite characters that Seth does