BTS Feeling "Dynamite" at 2021 GRAMMY Awards | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

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The performers admit they’re honored to be the first K-pop group nominated at the GRAMMYs and send a special message to their Army fandom. Watch!

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BTS Feeling “Dynamite” at 2021 GRAMMY Awards | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Ahlam Khalid says:

I hate them and we don’t need them. We the army do not care if BTS loses, I don’t care about them and the rulers are liars

pisang cheese says:

What this loss hhah lol bts… btw iam fans from laddy gaga hahahahahaa

Duaa Hanif says:

Why they dont go to another country

walt disney says:

grammys literally thanking 12 million viewers meanwhile 22 million people watching jungkook eat salad

Mla Jva says:

We love you bts . Don't forget We are ARMY

•Gacha _ Tori• says:

Grammy awards can go to hell they used bts for views😡😡as an army it hurts to see they don’t get nothing even after all their hard work I’m literally crying mad tears rn😡😡

조해성 says:

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ그래미야,챙피한줄아렴.짜치네.로컬파티에 얼마나 그마저도 자신없었으믄~
우리 탄이들 차분하게 잘해또♡이미 이겼어용

Sam s says:

i’m so incredibly proud of them . they’ve accomplished so much already they don’t need to prove themselves to anyone . they’ve broken barriers and continuously make history. we’ll only work harder to raise them higher and help hem achieve what they deserve.

عاشقةBTS says:


Pure Love says:

Jungkook and the way he conducts himself…just love 😍❤

Ejesh love BTS says:


bouytt guyt says:

When namjoon said “I love you see you soon” he meant army not you host lol but still this is heartbreaking like ugh I’m still pissed

bourjois m says:

SCAMMYS! We have used and abused by these clowns..BTS surely deserves better

Antonella says:

Namjoon:𝙒𝙚 𝘼𝙡𝙡 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙!
That made me sad! (T_T)

Jappar M A says:

Don't feeling bts army's are here we love you loving you 💜💜💜

Bhoomika Sharma says:

JungKook looking fantastic 💜

Maria Kelly says:

Jimin in here is not too happy and we know why

charles achkouti says:

They worked tooo hard they deserved to win. 🥺😭💜
But I don't care because they will still the best for me love u soo much BTS 💜 and I will support, protect and love them for the end ✋💜 ARMY for ever 💜 💜 💜

Lea Lea says:

BTS are better than scammys

Juan Luis Garcia Garcia says:

que dijeron

eioshen boboi says:

Oh they’re gonna win, if not this year then in the coming years, they will win, and i hope they win it with a Korean song, that’ll be a nice slap on the face of the grammys

Hanan Mohammed says:

Grammy 🤔that not good😫

soiung toiue says:

Its okay that bts didnt win on the Grammys ,but their performance shows it all how they are so great. Binawi naman sa stage present and sa looks 🤭😚💜 we love you BTS 💜💜

1d lover says:

I am a directioner and I am happy that Harry styles won a Grammy but ik that this is racism and they deserve a Grammy.

elif metin says:

Grammy kaybetti. BTS değil
O, Qremmi itirdi. BTS deyil
Perdió un Grammy. No BTS
لقد خسر جائزة غرامي ليس BTS
He lost a Grammy. Not BTS
그는 그래미를 잃었다. BTS가 아닙니다.
Ha perso un Grammy. Non BTS
Il a perdu un Grammy. Pas BTS
वह एक ग्रैमी खो दिया है । बीटीएस नहीं