Call of Duty Warzone ZOMBIES Royale Easter Egg Leaked! Black Ops Cold War (Modern Warfare Season 6)

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Call of Duty Warzone ZOMBIES Royale Easter Egg Leaked! Black Ops Cold War Zombies Teaser in Warzone (Modern Warfare Season 6)

Today, we have the Official Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Reveal with limited information thus far on the mode. Uncover dark Cold War experiments that unleash a new Zombie threat to take on in frightening and intense co-operative gameplay with friends. Players will bring a Cold War arsenal of weapons and equipment into the next evolution of Treyarch’s signature Zombies co-operative experience. In this video I discuss the black ops cold war zombies storyline, classic perks returning, TranZit, a Vietnam map, a warzone zombies mode, & more, ENJOY! 😀

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Jetpack Boy09 says:

Maybe sometime during October, which would be under the length of season 6 (since there is still a month and a few weeks from the end of season 5 till cold war drops) this zombie royale mode will drop

Great Awakening says:

Wait Bob Lazar Element 115 turn people into Zombies…?!

Crazy Boi says:

I bet the nova gas will make the dead soldiers to zombies so on season 6 the cinematic trailer is gonna show the gas moving but there’s a dead soldier and he wakes up growls and drool and the eyes glows green and gets up and walk twords the camera but get shot in the head and the person who shot him was soap and Farrah walked up with the gas masks and she says what the hell is that and soap said idk I’ll tell price about this and the trailer ends

Ryan Howsmon says:

Where can I find the audio?

Yohan Co says:

this iiiiis unbielivable

Leland Osterholt says:

Maybe it’s just a halloween exclusive thing

YT- xXRED_BEAR_92Xx says:

So treyarch isn't the main devs

Blades says:

The hurt zombie sound is prevalent in the game


Imagine becoming Zombie but have no control over your character.

Chris_0n3 says:

Call of duty modern warfare is going to have to compete against college duty black ops Cold War so yes they are going to come out with a season 7 but around Christmas 🎄 so everything will be cold wintery

TheGamingRevolution says:

Make sure to check out my previous video going over everything we know about Black Ops Cold War Zombies! –