Chris Hayes Thinks Barring Trump from Public Office Is a No-Brainer

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Chris Hayes talks about Kamala Harris’ historical accomplishment, explains the consequences of Donald Trump’s impeachment and reacts to Leslie Jones watching his show on MSNBC.

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Chris Hayes Thinks Barring Trump from Public Office Is a No-Brainer- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

romxxii says:

See the thing is, The GOP doesn't want to repudiate Trump, becuase it means they lose his MAGA/QAnon base.

justin castillo says:

Remember when Obama said "Vulcan mind meld"? I know he mixed up and combined Star Wars and Star Trek.

saul B says:

Ugh this is what happens when I leave YouTube on auto play 😑. I get 💩 like this

Tony CB says:

Chris Hayes is sexy 😜.

Christine Musselman says:

The problem with the first impeachment is there are too many people in this country who didnp't understand why the president asking the leader of a foreign nation to interfer with our election is wrong. Likewise, a lot of those same people don't understand how the president's words over four years, and certainly between the election and Jan. 6, was incitement. They don't understand what incitement means. They have been hammered 24/7 by the likes of QAnon so they can't understand how far their thinking has been warped. But those people are aware that people, including a cop, were killed in that violence. The fallout of that attack may have gotten through to some of them. I, like a lot of Americans, have been struggling with keeping my mood steady. To me, this was like 9/11. But worse. It was Americans attacking our country this time. We have learned the FBI is uncovering information about Republican congresspeople giving tours of the Capitol to some of the people who participated in that attack. We cannot allow the visions of that day fade from memory or worse become normalized. I understand we need conic relief at this time. But I don't want to hear jokes about what our president did. The nation needs him to be impeached, convicted and punished. If society fails to punish abhorrent behavior, they ratify it.
End of Rant

New Soul says:

chris hayes is the most refreshing person to invade mainstream media, hes covered stories others are too scared to and he doesnt care if its puts his career at risk, refreshing to have a reporter who's more interested in the truth than himself!

gary m says:

you should know you look at one in the mirror every day.

Kevin Ten Kate says:

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kevin lincon says:

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Michael Bryant says:

If Adolf Hitler were a Republican
Lindsay Graham: "Look, show me where it says having a 'Final Solution to the Jewish Question' is illegal."
Mitch McConnell: "I don't need to see these supposed 'camps'. Since when did we start believing the Soviets every time they stumble across people in pajamas?"
Tucker Carlson: "These 'gas chambers' had showerheads in them, obviously because they were showers. Where are the Jews hiding? Who is hiding them?"
Fox 'news': "BREAKING: ANTIFA, disguised as Nazis guilty of Genocide, on orders found on Hillary Clinton's private server."

Nancy Brown says:

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Rob Van Gessel says:

Meantime…not what I would call having accountability; Trump must be disassembled, neutralized, broken, and busted at least to the extent Harvey Weinstein was:

TK Wallace says:

Chris’s analysis of the significance of the impeachment is excellent. The ground of “what we should be focused on” is going to be contested between the two parties any time there’s a significant change in power. GOP Senators like Rounds and Rubio are trying to do it now, saying impeachment is a “moot point” and that going “back” = division while looking forward = unity. What Chris is saying is that the impeachment effectively forces both parties to deal with the present.

Polar Bear says:

Trump is a cancer to the republicans. He lost them all branches of government and will do so again if allowed to remain in control of the party.
So why not use this impeachment to rid themselves forever of this cancer?

Polar Bear says:

I can’t see anyway to get 17 republicans to do the right thing.
Every Republican senator wants to gather Trump supporter votes for themselves and they can’t do that if they vote to convict a very obviously guilty Trump.
So they will back a criminal who tried to overthrow the USA because it is to their personal advantage.

J C says:

To all of you who enjoy Chris and his enthusiasm….watch MSNBC… they are all so great. And, it's real news unlike Fox – Faux News. No opinions just facts.

Randy Krus says:

Never underestimate the slimy nature of the Republican 'leadership'. Just when you think they can't get any lower……

M K says:

New Seth pic @ the end, nice slicked back Corona hair!