Cookie Dough | Basics with Babish

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Today we’re making all different kinds of cookies using one “master” dough – slight tweaks yield triple chocolate, macadamia nut/coconut/cranberry/white chocolate, coffee-toffee, and pretzel/m&m/butterscotch/kettle corn/butterfinger madness cookies!


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Maria Herrera says:

Yea the triple chocolate is just a overdose of chocolate

Amanda says:

where's the spoonful of unsulphered molasses

Casey Bradish says:

Hey babish, (or anyone really), do you know if you do not have a stand mixer if there is a viable substitute?

Kate M says:

Tablespoon salt is WAY too much. Cookies are awful. Go w/ 1 tsp.

Joshua Crompton says:

I wonder how many times babish has said “this isn’t enough to make it taste like coffee this will just make it more chocolatey”

Catherine Emanuel - CDPHE says:

I’ve never had cookies come out well when I make them with butter. They’re always flat and sad. This recipe is the first one that’s ever worked for me.

Dream Wolf says:

The fact you declare your triple chocolate cookies as the chocolateliest when you didnt even drizzle them or dip them in chocolate mousse or fondue, makes me feel you may be getting ahead og yourself.

Shinto Priestess Kikyou says:

more like bingbong with baboodle

Michael Deeter says:

Why shouldn't you add all of the eggs at once? You mention "add them one at a time until each is mixed thoroughly".

rune113 says:


Foody McCookington says:

Very nice (borat voice)

dreamer z says:

Dinner from Coraline

Miranda Price says:

What if i wanted to make these lemon cookies? I'd add the juice when i mix the original dough up? Or after if i wanted to slip the batch into 2 different cookies?

ASAP Flash says:

Base X w/ Babish

boldr says:

Has he made edible cookie dough yet?

Kira yoshikage says:

I started watching this yesterday and I love it

Margaret Munro says:

Could you do this with Peanut butter or oatmeal??

Fahd Abdullah says:

Not enough chocolate, I want it to me dipped in cocoa powder

「Scary Boi」and 『SCARY MONSTERS』 says:

Whenever Babish uses ounces instead of grams I feel my brain shut down and liquefy