Coronavirus: In Bergamo the sirens never stop

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Sky News’ Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay is in Italy’s coronavirus epicentre – the town of Bergamo.

Watch his report about life in the town residents are describing as ‘apocalyptic’ where the ambulance sirens never stop.

Last week, Stuart and his team visited the town’s hospital, which is at the centre of the coronavirus crisis.

You can watch that hard-hitting report here:

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mairi tontinidou says:


Syed Zahirul Islam says:

May The All Mighty creator put his mercy upon us. Please Stay Home. !!!

Negesti Habtestion says:


Silvia Logan says:

What a great tragedy for the Italians and how they must be grieving for their loved ones.

Salim Binsaeed says:

government & people
#Italy#RepubblicaItaliana& ItalianPeople..💚🤍❤

alan murphy says:

0.38 guy walking his dog no worries

Imlooking 4-work-atm says:

THIS VIRUS WONT OR CANT BE STOP.. it will spread more and more, no immunity and don’t trust your governments with there bullshit

Ederson simplis says:

No Brasil vai ser matança

Willie Pepler says:

mayor that thinks it is safer for his daughters in Italy???

kleec0203 says:

China is killing the whole world. No words.

TheOneTrue_Mantra says:

the people of Italy really have to hold their government responsible for getting into bed with china.

Plt wly says:

Unfortunately several deaths are also because of the situation, very difficoult to take care of everyone in the right way. So covid19 is killing in 2 different ways, directly and also creating the right situation to die for other disease.

Deka Mahamud says:

Persone italiano deve ascoltare il governo Non devi andare in fouri
tutto per restare a casa la situazione è brutta nel paese ascolta il governo

S3 STE says:

Uk is lockdown we can't go anywhere and the worst is yet to come.

Geralt Butthole says:

People be actin tough until they suffered from pneumonia

ValtonikOдин says:

It's all sounds so ominous. People watched too many disaster movies and now playing such movie in real time.

Andrea Giuliani says:

It's really sad to see my city like that… I hope we all will get through this situation. It's very difficult not to be scared of all this. FORZA BERGAMO E FORZA ITALIA

dat nguyen says:

lock down does not help. Dont hype this virus !!! idiot

Yaa Dapaah says:

Mother universe please embrace us

Rochman Effendi says:

Semoga musibah ini cepat hilang, pray for all pray for Italia 🙏🙏

Thomas Samuel says:

The best and bravest people in the world are the ones fighting the virus and the volunteers these are real heroes and the cops and military.

d r e a m z y says:

People need food groceries though. How are people supposed to stay home if they need to survive. People are retarded

Die Gestive says:

Has a mask but wears around his neck sitting a metre away from somebody in the hot spot …then surprise surprise he’ll get on a plane back to uk… what happened to the advice they’re giving? Crazy

Mr. Gentleman says:

May Allah almighty protect the people of italy.

SandboxArrow says:

Spread more!

Jacob Blessing says:


Ptt Stt says:


Valentine Hogg says:

i honestly feel like sue China

Yosh Ladynoir says:

Stay strong Valentino.. I'm literally crying–

TomKron says:

4:22 – – 10 coffins in the video and he said it seems absolutely endless xD