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Cursed Squidward is after me in this Gmod gameplay. Can SpyCakes escape from cursed Squidward (Red Mist) in this Garry’s Mod roleplay survival? This is a scary Gmod survival roleplay but what happened to Spongebob? Did Red Mist Squidward get to him?

►Thomas is after me

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About Garry’s Mod Gameplay (Gmod):

“Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox game. There aren’t any goals but we give you the tools and leave you to play. Roleplay different things like Zombie apocalypse survival and more!”…
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Brian Jansson says:

Actually though I think you should do An Alaskan bullworm video Because shooter birdie did And it was hilarious!😂😁

Brian Jansson says:

Trust me on this👍

Freeze6384REAL says:

This was hilarious 🤣

Sol.ShadowBeam says:

when u died by evil squidward i liked it when it turned noir and a song came i rewinded it like a jabillion times it waas funny :)))


We capture him with machine gun stuff -SpyCakes 2021

Fe De Paz says:

Spy I really hope you can play Slender Fortress In TF2 you can play with random bosses and Squidward is there too I gotta be honest he's a scary boss and very VERY hard to outrun unless your a Scout

Logan Void says:

Hey I was going to spy here

Kuna Siri says:

Spy cakes – thinking the window is open
Ob-O my god

Dustin Mandell says:

That music when spy jumped into the window thinking it was air, The music was so sad

Dustin Mandell says:

Also for the first time the bomb worked

Memeboy123 says:

A under water fight

Sadiq Daud says:

7:03 that's sad ob seen him die:(

Hersky Perez says:

Spy you might want to step away cuz this tspa you might want them away cuz this squidward is aggresive

Hersky Perez says:

And it said rock bottom

Èndèr_Gámíng says:

That must be the Squidward that just ate SpongeBob's head Idk about Patrick tho

Ian The Durango Star says:

3:37 That REEEEEEEEEE scream tho LOL

Ian The Durango Star says:

5:12 “There’s a Squid Man after us!!”
5:44 “We capture him with MACHINE GUNS and stuff,”
6:19 That anime girl
8:20 OB became a LITERAL DumDum
9:00 That motivation slap
9:40 OB got real triggered

Mhlengi Mavimbela says:

Bhai kaisa I like SpongeBob SquarePants

Calm sea says:

Ob:squiward I thought we hid the body

9jrt says:

i did not like the editing on this video

Roblox Games says:


Striker says:

yeh i cant binge watch these im going back to the older videos

SpyCakes says:

Would you like to see more Gmod? What should we do next?