Dr. Anthony Fauci Loves Kate McKinnon's SNL Impression of Him

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Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses being portrayed by Brad Pitt and Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live, talks about what it was like to live in New York City during the smallpox outbreak of 1947 and shares some good coronavirus news.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Loves Kate McKinnon’s SNL Impression of Him- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Sharon Hammer says:

What is going on with Dr. Fauci's eye? I hope he is okay.

simon says says:

Is Fauci a Chinese spy? Just a question…



The virus originated with fauci. Do you’re own HW. Put your fears and insecurities aside. Think like an investigator.

H D says:

He's a good guy.
Decent. Not like that lying ass kisser Birx or whatever her name was.

Natalie Wilson says:

I love Tony Fauci

hillside says:

Imagine getting tips from poor Brooklynites for delivering their prescriptions, and compare that to vicious attacks from all of right-wing media, AND from the White House, for trying to save lives. Duty, Honor, Service.

James Neesham says:

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Evie Vermont Short films says:

You gotta love Doc Fauci

60yobfand proud Mills says:


Pancho Villa says:

Fraudchi reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover because Hoover went through 6 or 7 presidents.
At the time Hoover was alive people thought he was a national hero.
And after Hoover died we learned what a crook, liar, blackmailer, scammer and killer, he was.
After Fraudchi dies it going to be a repeat of what we learned after Hoover died.

Trisha Charles says:

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Cathy Zack says:

It’s not just over regulation, it’s over- litigation. That’s why kids don’t deliver papers anymore.
Fauci is a mensch!

Sylvia Crane says:

You are my hero Dr Fauci ! Thank you for standing up against the horrible man!

pamela angela says:

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P Fodor says:

Millions vaccinated for smallpox in 2-3 weeks in 1947. People did what they were supposed to do, for the good of the whole — rather than wasting precious time fusing about their individual rights.

Michelle Tate says:

Thank the Lord for Dr. Anthony Fauci! These last four years would have been so much more terrifying without his expertise and voice! ❤

Ian Spiridigliozzi says:

'That's the problem with regulation' OMG

colan powel says:

Trump was right when he said Fauci has a broken arm.

Sarah Jahn says:

God, I love this guy. What a gift his service is.

Lisa Peral says:

Hope he lives to be a hundred.

coreyinprogress says:

Came here for the Fauci, but I've gotta say, Seth is a terrible interviewer. Utterly unengaging. Gimme Jimmy, Jimmy, Steven, or John anyday.

Polanco Leta says:

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TheRealItachi8910 says:

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Lacy Johnson says:

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Franny Chesmore says:

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Nahor Wehtam says:

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steve conn says:

As long as his fifteen minutes are extended, he's probably just great.