Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun | Champion Theme – League of Legends

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Listen to the official theme for Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun.

Listen Now: https://found.ee/drmundothemadman
Spotify: https://found.ee/mundo-spotify
Apple Music: https://found.ee/mundo-applemusic
Amazon Music: https://found.ee/mundo-amazonmusic
Youtube Music: https://found.ee/mundo-youtube
Deezer: https://found.ee/mundo-deezer
Cellos by: David Low, Tim Loo, and Cameron Stone
Bass by: Eric Shetzen
Music By: Robert Allaire
Executive Producer and Music Supervision by: Riot Music Team

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Taco D Cecina says:

long live the nurse raccoon

Carnage 068 says:

Thank you guys for not removing Mundo.

T Thrasher says:

2:37 B!
And the very first one!

Alexis says:

He looks like a character from GORILLAZ

Bloody Gordon says:

Now mundo is more of a daddy he is like…..grandpa

Zukigi Nagato says:

Hmmm… the music seems off when i think about the goofy Mundo… I know lore wise has its reasons and there's nothing funny about him on a rl perspective, but… he's too goofy on game…

Μάριος says:

New dr mundo? Add this in wild rift

Ryi Newman says:

This music theme is DOPE AF. GJ Riot

yung tobi トビ says:

now im playing lol withound sound

Noma says:

Riot give me new darkin pls

Norbert Ward says:

I had predicted this a few months back…

casper5314 says:

The music must be inspired by composer: Alfred Schittke. Check him on youtube if you like this genre.

Random says:

mundo Crosfit

Geek Ssbu says:

Please nerf mundo

Ofxzh Urhsvi says:

Plague doctor mundo

Frostery says:

Loved it! Tho I haven't watch it with sounds

Frostery says:

Sad Dr Hando didn't make it

Nur Hakim says:

He look more human like now

Gwyneth Cliff says:

Fun fact: Mundo means "world" in Filipino.

Technicist says:

everyone is talking about the hand mundo at 0:43 but not the amazing creepy sound effect that plays at 0:43

Ömer Kaya says:

2:51 what's that thing on the right ?

yunus baydar says:

Artık Nasusu da reworkleyin

Aatrox The Accursed says:

its basically a theme for the POV of the guy running away from mundo in his asylum
0:00 till 0:50 you are walking around the asylum to find the exist
0:50 till 1:30 you are realisiing ur not alone and there is this huge purple thing walking around
1:30 till 2:30 he saw you but you managed to run away and are trying to hide around the building and he is searching for you everywhere and getting closer and closer to your place
2:30 till 3:14 he found you and you run away as fast as you can meanwhile he is chasing you you see the "exist" sign and are relieved but he is very close and about to catch up you around the corner and there is the EXIST you almost did it …. now the ending is open … the question is did you make it out? or did he catch you right before?

vinke so says:


Ameng Maling Sendal says:

He look handsome