Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Eye Opening Speech – Best MOTIVATION Ever 2019

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson broke the internet with this powerful motivating speech. You will be inspired and motivated to go out there and achieve your goals. He states that you need to remember the hard times in your life when you are working towards your goals. He also says that you need to have a vision and stay focused on your vision no matter what obstacles get in your way. I hope you all enjoy this motivational video. 🙂

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Collin Rank says:

The 3.3k dislikes are from John cena😂😂👍🏼

Eli M says:

I am so happy I watched this, I needed this video after the day I had.

Damion Morgan says:

Watching a motivational video after meditating be hitting different

Ridge Rocky says:

Love the Rock when he said keep the pain inside of you it he meant to use it to drive you while still being happy which is the opposite reaction I think most people like myself have but to take my pain and use it as fuel is an amazing change of pace that is where character is born like he said he works on his character. Rock you are awesome and inspiring but I don't know how to turn my pain into gain minus workout looking good feeling good but to use my afflicting negative energy's it can be used to burn into positive! Got it!

Gretchen Grace Haley says:

I am an old grandma that has watched you grow up into a beautiful man. Such a shining compassionate heart that emulates through my being. I love you for that. Even if I don't know you personally… i have entertained any and all of you for 30 years. (I am NOt a Granny Stalker) Thank you for becoming someone with in me that can look up to and pull myself out of the great depression of ME.
When I think you can't get any better, 30 years later watching you, you pierce my heart with golden rays! Thank and kiss your mother and say lots of positive and love for your father for me… they gave me light to make it through. Thank you Thank you!
Again I love who you have become within me. My relationship ever loving with you on screen that i created. WOW you have given back while I watch you… and the support, love and strength have given me grace.
It's disappointing that this is the only time you get to hear me… and I am sure you have better things to do than listen to this last legged Granny….our relationship will never be more than a movie, you tube, your workouts…BUT I will take it….I am so proud of you learning what your true grid is to become a favorite with your fans…. thank you thank you. Lovingly always as your old friend. Gertie

Eren Jaeger says:

my back is still up against this motherfucker

Andries Rossouw says:

that's a really nice speech am 31 w south African an where i was and where i am now it a crazy road but am going for it big just want that on big head start thumb up this inspired me to go harder

Miranda Summerset says:

From biggest pro wrestler to biggest movie star

Adam Lambert Lifts says:



The Rock is the real life saitana xD

geeftw69 says:

Awesome fu%$ing speech speech brother excuse my language you r inspirational bro 🤘ROCK ON

irfaan rcks says:

Those 3.4k dislikes will get a very painful future😠

nathi juqu says:

I am from South Africa all honesty opportunity is greater on that side of world then on this side of world. And I pray everyday of my life to get the amazing opportunities that you get in USA & other countries I am really good person well educated Great communication skills ETC Reality is there one in a Million that gets Opportunity to become Something as amazing or even place A Foot into Hollywood Sadly I really don't have anything Against you love the motivation speech I am a Big fan of yours don't get me wrong Out here we desperately seeking opportunities but don't just don't come & that's where the mind a good person start Switching Bad it's seeing Success all over precise with in us. To those that agree
Mail me
Shout-out Good Speech to it to Heart.

RUB1 Tan says:

Take loads of steroids and Growth Hormone to look as good as me ……TELL THE FUCIN TRUTH ❗️❗️❗️❗️🤷🏼‍♂️

Scotty miller says:

This video is inspiring to me because Everyone thought I would be in jail or dead before I hit my 18th birthday. They were almost proven right. I suffered a cocaine induced stroke and was in coma for 3 days. I was a drug dealer for 11 years and getting high on my own supply at 1st until I saved big homies son, Mauelito from choking to death. He had a 5 year old son who I babysat while he was out chasin paper. Baby's mama showed up and the drama was on but, they neglected to see their son choking to death on them plastic easter eggs that got lodged backwards in his mouth. I had to bust the egg in his mouth to get it out but, by the time I got it out he started turning blue It was only when I started CPR that they noticed their son was dying and they didn't see any of it up until that time. Needless too say I was handed the gold platter and consumed whatever I chose to. On the night of Oct 4th 2004 I had a cocaine induced stroke then fell into a coma. On the 4th day I came to and started rippin shit out of me. They thought I was flatelining so they came rushin in only too see me sitting up in bed. My best friend Shanon apparently got a call somehow and found out about my situation and he showed up and never left my side. When he came into the room I know his face was familiar but, for the life of me I couldn't remember his nam. They thought I got brain damage from the stroke and he came over and bear hugged the shit outta me and started crying. because I was that close to death and I still couldnt remember his name. For my size the doc said my body type could only take a gram a day. I was consuming anywhere from 1/4 oz a day. So he got to take me home and he stayed by my side for another 4 days and he had a wife and kid at home but, he still stayed but, his wife was all good with it. Shortly after I moved to WY for my rehab and lived with my brother. Next I finally graduated at the age of 30 so I could work for the railroad. I was a federal safety inspector for the FRA and put in 10 years before getting a kidney disease (PKD) Been 2 years and the docs couldn't figure out how I'm still alive since I'm in stage 4. I beat all their predictions and that was lil over 2 years ago. My fate is sealed but, it's never too late for you to do good and make something of yourselves. Life is short so never take it for granted and live each day like it was your last because you never know when he'll call you home. I was given a 2nd chance in life so I ran with it and you should do the same. Giving up is to easy and not in my vocab. Live without regret and make peace with yourself. Forgiveness is also another important tool too utilize and you will feel better about it if you do.

Harry Munker says:

It's sad that so many appear to be unaware that these people sold their souls for fame and fortune.

AJ Castles says:

The real Captain America

Nick Banks says:

I never knew Dwayne had such a potty mouth hahaha

B arkermush says:

Dwayne had an easy ride to success, yes he had to train hard. But he was always guaranteed a place in WWF/WWE.

Julian Untoro says:

I love his motivational speech. That's really inspiring me a lot…… #DoMoreDwayneTheRockJohnsonMotivationalSpeech

Mike's Life says:

Just have a successful family. He didnt make it himself like most people are doing

Michel Ae says:

haha u all sensitive pussy bitches grow up kids

Emmanuel F says:

Hey you all, my name is Emmanuel F and I'm the person behind this channel and the Alpha Leaders brand here on YouTube and on Instagram. I don't have a team behind me, it's just me producing these videos. With that said I wanted to let you guys know that I'm changing the name of the channel to my own because I want to put a face behind the brand. I hope you all can understand and I will keep making motivational videos to inspire you all. Everything is going to be the same as the channel content and other things, just that the channel will be my name. I hope I could inspire some of you with my past videos and future videos I'm going to produce. Almost close to 50k subs! Thanks for all the support!