Exploring the $200,000,000 Abandoned Disney Castle Village (530 Castles)

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As Thomas is still trying to figure his way back to the US… He stopped in Turkey and found these $200,000,000 abandoned Disney-like castles in the countryside of Turkey… Such a strange sight and to go explore it, he brought 2 subscribers along for the adventure.

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Curtis Jarrell says:

This is surreal. I bet all that stuff left behind is gone a day after this post.

Montanna Blair says:

I LOVE abandoned places! This would be so cool to see!

Gianni Rosato says:

I'd love some merch so im gonna comment 🙂

leilah says:

i wanna go wtf

laffi says:

I wonder if this would have become a reality, if they had built half the houses they had planned for, and focused on finishing the houses one by one, instead of like 100 houses at once + the mall :O!…

Adelyna Tieplinsky says:

Its crazy how much potential this place has!! Absolutely beautiful! Also liked and subed! I have watched you guys for so long and religiously and I didn't even realize I wasn't subed 🤦‍♀️

Noel says:

Ok I subscribed, this video was pretty cool.

Jhonniel Orbuda says:

Soon this place reconstruc

tfortube says:

New subscriber from Pakistan 🇵🇰. Waiting for you to visit Pakistan. ✅

Mia Shevouski says:

the way there were footprints and then that was never mentoned again

Rebecca Foster says:

I have known about this development for some time…but never saw the inside until this video….Great…Thank you for sharing !!

Arsenal Bullet says:

I need context for why the naked woman was on tv

Lucy Ingleby says:

Love all the recent content!!! Always feel so inspired and motivated watching a yes theory video!!! Keep them coming!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

marina mcmullen says:

my family left it up to me to decide where we go for a family vacation. where should we go in europe???

Eitan T.k. says:

I love you guys, thanks for changing my life:)) btw, if anyone from la is reading this, I’ll be stuck here for the next week and am hoping to seek discomfort and go bungee with a stranger

Paul0_ YT says:

hook a brotha up

Yes Theory says:

We are giving away $100 gift card to our clothing line Seek Discomfort to someone who likes, comments and subscribes. We’ll be picking someone in the comments below so comment away 🤘💫 see you next week ❤️