Feds Consider Sedition Charges for Capitol Riot, Examine Trump’s Role: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at the former top prosecutor for the Capitol riots saying that evidence from the attack could support sedition charges as federal investigators continue to examine Trump’s role in fomenting the insurrection.

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Feds Consider Sedition Charges for Capitol Riot, Examine Trump’s Role: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Rontron says:

Assault on voting rights? Since when does requiring an ID a assault on voting rights? Keep pushing your "All of America is Racist" agenda.

Collin Finnigan says:

i miss the sea captain

Joe Velachi says:

Good I am glad they are looking into Sedeition chargers against Biden and Harris and forced staffers to donate to the MFF(Minnesota Freedom Fund) that DemoRats setup for the looters and rioters in Minnesota

Brynn says:

Trump is likened to Typhoid Mary…

sharon MacLean says:

I am another one waiting for former 45 to hit the stand and get chafged👍👍👍

00 00 says:

Dear Seth, your jokes are not funnier if you yell them.

Shawn Chambes says:

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Susan Carter says:

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Karen D. says:

He looks pink, now I understand why he looked orange…….pink + tan = orange.

Claire Sinclair says:

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The Rhyhan says:

Nothing is going to come from this. Rich people don’t go to jail in America.

Robert Jones says:

When are we going to not hear anything from or about a Damm trump. 💩💩💩💩💩

Raymond Fowlkes says:

Lol Trump is a joke all of you that support him your a bigger joke how can you people or anyone defend this miserable makeup of a so called man smh….

Raymond Fowlkes says:

Nothing is going to happen over this capital riot the only reason we still hear about this is because these white folks can't find a black person to blame it on they were going for the black police officer..but the video showed he saved lives and that was the ONLY brother there so now their back to square one…the it wasn't me defense its working so far..

Herb World says:

this guy has a staff of 20 writers..

Keira Watterson says:

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T Nye says:

Umm, anyone else notice that the "'86 Camero" was a Trans-Am?

Ello Owu says:

That 60mins guys, is that this seasons
Michael Avenatti?

Cl Arice Tayag says:

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debra bridegan says:

Seth Meyers

kev chen says:

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