FIFA 15 – (UNEDITED) TOTY Draft | vs Zweback

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Josh says:

U put toty draft instead of toty f8tal

Kelay says:

Sup I got 5000000000 coins for you if you want it

Jorge Molina says:

Chris ur the best and most intersting fifa youtube that does not scream 🙂

Mensh says:

What was up with #2 at 2:24  ?

The Pow says:

Chris did you say s**t

MightyLebZawi says:


Ronak Joshi says:

I Have Been To Family Dinners That Are Less Akward That This.

Football Guy says:

Who thinks TOTY Ronaldo should have 3 passing

HarrisonMightSuccseed Heprobablywont says:

You are my favourite youtuber ever

Loafan Skrrramp says:

Chris knows the tramp button but not the cross button

Hinged Cheese says:

Chris you subscribed to your own channel

Amanda Green says:

Liverpool and the other day of

carol fry says:

You are sick

Jon Hamilton says:

hey chris on your first channel you got nearly 3 MIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUBS !!thats so good i hope you get much moor EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!