Five of Trump's Attorneys Quit Ahead of Impeachment Trial

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Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, February 1.

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Five of Trump’s Attorneys Quit Ahead of Impeachment Trial- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Erica Paling says:

"Now you can catch the bouquet and 2 variants"

Caveman Batman says:

Why leave out the specific antisemitic “Jewish Space Laser” comment? She didn’t say “space laser” she said “Jewish space laser” it’s important to note the xenophobia in the insane opinion.

James says:

which is heavier 10 pounds of crap or 10 pounds of trump jokes? The same but I like to imagine Seth sitting in front of 10 pounds of poop because he is just ..well . an A hole

James says:

when is Meyers "joke" writers going to quit. small genitals is not an excuse for trying to be funny night after night even on the program nobody watches.

renir torres says:

Trump don't need a lawyers waste of money he is very intelligent
To depend himself with out any advice or help

Roderick Lisman says:

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Noah Levin says:

A foot of snow in NY? How cute. We got 2 feet last week IN IDAHO!

Bobby Yoda says:

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Slater K says:

Donald The Virus Trump is Americas and the World's Extinction Level Event still until he is impeached and locked up for eternity

PopeLando says:

"Might not be about that. Could be a football joke. Let's find out.

… Murder joke, it was a murder joke ." 😄

Hartmut Grieb says:

Trump[f] said that he is not going to turn up.

Dinshs Koersa says:

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Dinshs Koersa says:

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Kevin David says:

His failed Covid 19's response paved the way to Biden's victory.