Fortnite CHINA Has Gone TOO FAR..

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Fortnite CHINA Has Gone TOO FAR..
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King Raysean says:

Wait so if we put a bounie on someone then every 4 days we get 400 vbucks

mysteriousegoose says:

i use ur code

Jaxon Keller says:

this is depressing to watch

Not Kayson says:

With the vbucks for free, you COULD buy or use a vpn. Heres what im thinking: USE YOUR PHONE FOR VPN OR PC, I RECOMMEND USING FOR PHONE BECAUSE OF BOTS.

Hope this helps cya!

asianproxy says:

your clickbait has gone too far

Ibrahim GamerZ says:

VPN: am I a joke to you

Wu Peter says:

It just look stupid

Mr Javier says:

Actually the game isn’t bad it is the stupid government

iLuvFaithh says:

Imma switch to china Lmao

tsr Lithuania says:

Fortnight sucx

FredoriaGaming says:

1:22 It's called communism.

ً says:

Clickbait thumbnail?

Rich ain't Rich says:

Just because of that free battle pass thing. I want fortnite china

E P I C gamer says:

Sense master chief came in fortnite now I'm thinking that is there going to be a ghost and a warthog.

I am Your Madness says:

I think that china knows what they are doing we just are stupid enough

crackedツ 2.0 says:

Hey free vbucks video!!!

david su says:

No one plays fortnight in China

Apolo says:

Im happy i dont live in china

Tekhen Key says:

Of course china is better than America fancy are words And this is not fair how come trying to people get To get400 roblox Every 6 days what?

F00k SBMM says:

You know whats funny about China back in the 80es China lotterly strap baby or orphanage to chairs and pourd piss on them I guess yet they censord everything so they don't look bad

Moonshine Titan says:

So it wasn't too much when the ripped off products, or other large scale games?

James Wakefield says:

The win systems are super communist

Cooper Christides says:

skulls aren't allowed but killing people is ok 😂😂😂

Beats24-7 says:

Fire! Nice sound selection, keep grinding

Elias faroq Fafa says:

Let’s ignore all this but China needs to stop eating everything that moves

GC phyco says:

The tear 100 skin looks better in china not gonna lie

Neil Morris says:

wait what about the party trooper?
edit: the blue skull trooper that came in fortnitemares

Electify Team ELT says:

Wanna Join ELT Team?

Ákos Popper says:

Hehe Mr.beast was right, we do need North vpn…

Goblin Gaming says:

Justin don't like it