(Full Focused) aespa(에스파) 'Next Level' 4K | BE ORIGINAL

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[BE ORIGINAL] aespa ‘Next Level’ (Full Focused)
[BE ORIGINAL] 에스파 ‘Next Level’ (Full Focused)

[#BEORIGINAL] aespa(에스파) ‘Next Level’

#aespa #에스파 #BEORIGINAL

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InnaOfficial says:

I think this song is weird. It's like there is another song in one song.. I'm not haters, i like music too and i singer too.. So i think this song is kinda weird..

권준혁 says:

aespa will be greatest K-Pop group.

17Snicker Doodlebear says:

Karina's overall shampoo essential

17Snicker Doodlebear says:

I love this 😀 ❤

17Snicker Doodlebear says:

Winter's vocal is on another level

17Snicker Doodlebear says:

Ning Ning's unique redesign

17Snicker Doodlebear says:

Aespa truly on another level

17Snicker Doodlebear says:

Karina's most beautiful

17Snicker Doodlebear says:

Come on cosmo

Clarrence Stephen Lucilla says:

Philippines fans?🇵🇭

오재희 says:

하얀부츠신은사람이 제일눈에띄네

피리미리 says:

Love From Seoul Eunpyeong-ku❤❤❤❤

Ian Fadet Verbel Mugno says:

Me declaro fans de Aespa

nuages says:

Giselle gets the ugliest skirts or shorts

Nina says:


Monica Georgina Cab Amaya says:


as. flo says:

karina so beautiful

갓데이 says:

monster rookies

soliel says:

this is so addictive
they are in the next level indeed

뎀바바 says:

2:09 그 파트

Lonley Lara says:

This dance is so bad I’m sorry it just feels so….. empty? Idk something seems missing 🤷🏽‍♀️

Kim Taeby💜 says:

I promote aespa better than SM

MG P says:

Ang lamya sumayaw..

스타얼라이언스 says:

근데 에스파 뭔가 춤은 살짝 약한데..칼군무도 아니고.. 특히 뒤로 몸 슬로우모션으로 제껴지는 안무에서 카리나랑 지젤 높이가 너무 비대칭인데 이게 의도한 안무인가 싶을정도로 높이가 안맞음.. 실제로 의도한 안무인가요?

조현규 says:

에스파누나 랩도 부르시네요

성이름 says:

카리나: 에스파 컨셉은 카리나 보고 잡은거임ㅇㅇ
윈터: 미친 비주얼 담당
닝닝: 쫀득 보컬 담당
지젤: 개발리는 영어발음 담당

준희라희 says:

에스파가 뜰차롄가 다들 ㄱㄱㄱ

Queennie Joy Baliguat says:

That girl with red hair really got me! 🔥

Felipe Prado says:

Winter’s swag, moviments and fierce expressions and face, had already conquered me!!!