Game Theory: Super Smash Bros TRAGIC Hidden Lore

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Wait…Super Smash Bros. has a STORY? Like a plot that runs through all five games? YES! You heard right — Nintendo’s beloved crossover brawler has hidden lore that spans across all five games. It’s a story we all can relate to, but it’s also one that spells trouble for any future installments in the franchise.

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Geo Metric Yoshi says:

what if the Nintendo universe fell appart and they where all turned against each other because they are under the control of master hand?


Aimu says:

what about smash 5

INsomNIac666 says:

What about spirits mode? Is this the end? Is it… worth it?

Cody the black chicken! says:

Should of had brawl music in background bacauae it's about that more anyway
Also as of this vid smash ULTIMATE wasn't confirmed so why 5 games? There is only 4 cuz smash 4 Wii u and 3ds are the same

John Hawkins says:

This is funny to watch after kingdom hearts 3 was announced

Axleren Studios says:

Nice theory

Eric Nguyen says:

"Indian in the Cupboard" oh god it's been years since I've read that book, love the nod Mat

Pikachu Is cute says:

That’s a game we’re the fight we don’t care nintdeo don’t care

Gaming kid says:

Hmmm i wonder why would nintendo think that we could discover a lore like a fukin detective?

Video Dash 33 says:

I just want to point something out to you master core is crazy hand and crazy hand is being forced to move from master hand and we know that because we see master hand dyes then master core breaks out of crazy hand

The Abyss says:


Domikodie says:

Let be real here. SSB Ultimate might be the last in the series. Everyone is in that game. Including more people. Its either he quits he takes a 6 year vacation.

BPP VIDS says:

Soon you’ll be able to do the opening

Dj Roomba says:

I think that, if Matt’s theory is correct, Master hand will actually die in a cutscene after beating him with all the characters.

Juan Munoz says:

Master Hand is an enemy in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Flappy Bird Msp says:

Ahhh…. The good old intro.

Tanner Miller says:

Ultimate 🙂

Brandon Fraley says:

What mode do you have to be one to get to master core on 3ds?

Cruddy MarioBros says:


Sword Kirby says:

Then smash Ultimate comes along

Emily Nguyen says:

1:10 i can relate, i would always ask my sisters to play with me but they give me the same phrase every single time. "I'm busy" so I roleplayed and played with myself! Playing as player 1 & 2 C:

Alexander Paz says:

but what about smash ultimate :/

Defrostgiant The Cold says:

I fully expect a follow up when ultimate is released

TheRealMagenta says:

Excellent theory, but you see him playing with a yoshi toy, Yoshi was non existent in 1983 though.

kaleb says:

thats why smash ultimate is the "ultimate" literally

Rebel 101 says:

So is mario maker his way of saying im done so just make what you want?

Master Of Potato says:

I think the ages should be generally shrunk by about two or three years

Master Of Potato says:

Crazy Hand also sounds like a 3-5 year old

Hanna Ok says:

Who uses five stocks