Gaming on LEAKED Windows 11

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This week a leaked version of Microsoft’s upcoming rumoured Windows 11 was posted on Chinese site Baidu. We were able to get our hands on it and EVEN boot it up with an NVIDIA graphics card to try and play video games.

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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:48 Creating a Windows 11 Installer
2:07 Trying to Install It
3:13 Installing in a VM Instead
4:35 First Launch & Setup
5:28 Desktop Experience
6:58 Widgets
7:14 Trying to Install Windows 10 Software
8:09 Multi-Desktop Support
9:28 New Start Menu & Search
9:54 Setting up a Graphics Card for Gaming
10:43 Booting with a Graphics Card
11:13 New Touch Keyboard
11:50 Gaming

Sandro Privat says:

You only needed to activate TPM in the BIOS/UEFI

Dark Blue says:

Linus forgot to talk about the most important thing, DARK MODE
I don't want to bang my eyes with this bright ass theme

Brynn Agminalis says:

Microsoft: Hi we finally get that you hate how we do things so we are now copying from Mac and linux, please love us again.

Jacob Breuer says:

Linus: Opening a program "Hello"?

basspig says:

Oh common, I was running 1600×1200 in 1993 on a crt.

T8D Productions says:

i feel bad for winblows and crapple users. Linux forever

Anuj Sharma says:

he looks like kane williamson

Saradindu Bairagi says:

Intel platform trust need to be enabled to install win11 @linus

Brennen Hunt says:

Will it update every 3 seconds?

getl0st says:

So does anyone know if this is compatible for all of the people who are now Magnetic after getting their CONvid-19 Vaxxine and now have Bluetooth MAC Addresses????

S P H says:

You know you can have virtual desktops on windows 10 by just pressing win+tab?

Vanquished says:

I will never use Microsoft widgets. I use bing and they'll be just like the bing homepage. Awful

Samuel Ashby says:

“Microsoft is typing”

Casper Riboe says:

Did he just call them JIFs?

Just George Thoughts! says:

you just had to change one file in "sources" and done ! windows 11 pro. I allready have it since they leaked. Excelent OS.

no Varian says:

I can't run it, 5800x and a 2080 ti isn't gud enuf….

Panarchy says:

I tried it on a intel i7 2700K, 16GB mem and 1650GFX and it ran better than it did on your rig, I didn't even have any keyboard lag like you did in this video

Heavygusto says:

Did he mention the always-online, always signed-in requirement?

Jebsauce says:

PLEASE Microsoft, enable a windows 7 aero theme/clone. Windows 10 is fine but I can't stand its ugly aesthetics.

olive jane rivera says:

The best graphics card! WOW!
AMD Radeon RX6900XT

Hast_maka says:

good content. one question. how u can boot a windows from a NVIDIA card????

viperswhip says:

TIL that middle click opens a new instance.

Martin says:

You installed windows 7 with a bunch of skins on it. i can make windows xp look like this with some skins. But it might be real deal. maybe

nat barmore says:

Huh. So virtual desktops finally work just like macOS. I could really use that on my current work computer—the ability to do that makes my Mac a better remote Windows client than my Windows 10 work machine.

nat barmore says:

Upside of right-click on the Start icon for Task Manager is that it’s always visible. When I had just one monitor, sometimes it was hard to find a sliver of the Task Bar that was empty so I could right-click on it.

Smart Tich says:

Piz. The link to download windows11 iso file

Iain Paterson says:

So, as a UNIX/Linux/'NIX guy since 1983, I have had to live with Windoze.
The problem Microsoft has always had is it efficient multi user/process and security management. 'NIX based systems were designed from the ground up with all of this in mind. Windoze/DOS was not that forward thinking.
'NIX treats everything uniformly, files, screens, keyboards, cameras… Microsoft needs custom upgradable installable drivers.
Most 'NIX systems have them in KERNEL. Fast load, no driver issues.
Most GPU's are better used under 'NIX for crypto, better on 'NIX than Windoze.
If you are a gamer, the world has not adopted 'NIX yet. So you are F'd in the MS world.
Your hard drive will like you if you drop "MS Windows" an are not a gamer. ANY 'NIX installation will make your life safer, faster, less expensive, revive old laptops…

Linus Tech Tips says:

For those brave enough to try (we do not endorse or recommend it), you can apparently install it on bare metal by enabling Secure Boot and TPM2 in the BIOS! 🙂

Also, I know multi-deaktop isn't new. They've added new FEATURES to it. Here's some info 🙂