Georgia Secretary of State Criticizes Trump’s Election Data

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Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, January 5.

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Georgia Secretary of State Criticizes Trump’s Election Data- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Gaasuba Meskhenet says:

Memphis is a death trap. We're having to phase out the rental scooters because people keep hurting themselves on the bad sidewalks

ALYNA M says:


ALYNA M says:


Lewis Beshers says:

No more dad jokes…

Micah Furlong says:

My Scottish wife would like to point out that Americans don't get to watch their Capitol attacked by an army of "hold my beer" insurrectionists and then claim the Scots are the ones having drunken brawls.

Mathew Stacey says:

you should try listening to the whole thing, not just the cherry picked editing.

EvilGuacamoleGaming says:

For the record, Indianapolis has some amazing night life.

Mike Lee says:

Ok… I have to admit… that was the perfect Dad Joke and the end! Kudos 👍👍!!!

Bal Benry says:


A T says:

Seth is a zaddy

Ian Albert says:

I agree, it should be on a Sunday.

Ayeshteni says:

That's an insulting stereotype generalisation of us Scots Seth! proceeds to punch Seth on the monitor … Oh wait.

David Miscaviage says:

Think about it this may be the last time we see a trump tweet in the news

Kevin Morgan says:

Ugh, I hate to agree with someone else, but I think the jokes the crew laughs at are the best. It’s like the old saying goes ‘two in the bush, is worth one ‘just laugh Terry or I swear I will kill your wh- oh and Terry thought that was ok!… laugh at the next one Terry or I swear to g-‘

Sarah L says:

Agreed I live in hour south of indy. Good news with the new airport I never have to see the city again!

Analicia Kocher says:

The broken McDonald's ice cream machine was top notch 😙👌

Robert Farr says:

Raffles burgers?

Mike Dalley says:

Best part if that? The dad jokes 😎

Hyung Wei Low says:

Heard what? Baksetball?

Susanne Grabowski says:

HEY! McDonald's ice creamachines aren't BROKEN!
They just don't feel like filling them & making your kids weird a$$ blizzard combos…"I want Butterfinger in the bottom with a little carmel just in the middle -don't let it mix with top!😱
And some Oreo next ..but you can mix that with the Carmel & cam you put some hot fudge & M&Ms on it too, but don't let them mix with the hot fudge!!"
Yea, it gets like that.

tony b says:

I'm a fat boy and I really appreciated that McDonald's/Chick-fil-A joke.

Toni Smith says:

To compete with ChicFil-A, McDonald's is releasing 3 new chicken sandwiches. In order to compete with McDonald's, ChiFil-A is installing 3 broken ice cream machines 😂

Jema 1412 says:

Does EVERYONE'S state's McDonalds have broken ice cream machines?

Katie Cottingham says:

It's surreal watching this a little more than a week later. Life was softer, kinder, more innocent just a week ago.