GTA 5 : Pug Edition

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DanTDM plays GTA 5 online and creates a crew full of Pugs to take over!

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Bomby Productions says:

I can already see Dan and his 18 yr old son playing gta 13

Winter Wolf says:

Do more of these ive been watchin from when u got 1000 subs and ive watched u ever since

Logan Patschorke says:

You should play PugG

Bodhi Tenni-Lane says:

"You guys are phsycos this is great" 😂

creeper101 says:

Pls do a part 2

Meme Lord BTW says:


ahyesthatguy says:

hey you should also try watch_dogs too!

Xrider HD says:

Me and my friends made a gang in Gta only thing you need to join is a black pug mask

Adventure with Cahillyio Cat says:

I’m 11 XD

MicSwagger Vlogs and Games says:

do more gta!

Zxnna says:

Dan playing gta v is definitely something I want to see more of

FastestSpook says:


H2O Mendibles says:

I want a part 2

timadriana mesa says:

And he says his videos are child friendly

dragonmaster says:

It's funny that I watched when I was 7 now I'm 13 which is perfect for me

Spiderguy1707 says:

Love these TEEN videos

slinja says:

Is this a mod for gta? XD

Nery Martinez says:

Do another heist

ninji0n says:

“The world is changing boys, time we change too”

Jordan Garcia says:

play planet zoo and red dead redomion 2