Hermitcraft VIII 1005 Doubling Drowned Copper Farm!

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Hermitcraft 8 Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKhH4-ObAPWdsACvns2lq8CZ
This one we get our hands on a beacon and setup a double copper farm!

Boost Your Spawner 600% with This Simple Trick. Copper Farms for 1.17+ [Fun Farms 38]

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Daniel Grech says:

You talk about the fact that Block of Copper should be crafted using 2×2 copper ingots and not 3×3. I think that there should have been the Block of Copper with the same crafting recipe as iron, gold, redstone, etc. (3×3), but then the building block being called something else and using the 2×2 recipe instead

Karl Einar Martinsen says:

15:09 i literally said ‘’what happened to your woi… oh ok’’

Banana Bread says:

Villagers trade name tags:)

Volt Siano says:

Does the fire spell or show something when viewed from above?

Bent137 says:

What if instead of just the maps you do it more like your season History. Starting at the bottom with the first map, and as special things happen something to represent them in frames with signs as plaques with the history of your base area.

Dakota Licci says:

Why does it seem like no hermits use emerald blocks for a beacon, they are so easy to get from villagers I’m genuinely curious as to why nobody does that.

Adam says:

Need Copper? Go see Tango!

Boaz van der Zee says:

Go to iskall and join the nwc at the hanging house

Flumbonpascility says:

killing the wither without taking damage just proves you're getting better at killing it

Maxwell Lirref says:

The looting sword thing still works so long as the sword is in your main hand not your off hand

nl hn says:

A bit late, but my recommendation for the maps would be to have 2 in each "middle" section, and then use a sign to name the map (this being in the middle part of the middle section [not in the corners]).

Samuel Montich says:

X is it coming home

Sam Fleischer says:

You should put the maps on the center columb of the lighthouse rather than the wall!

Pratyush Sureka says:

all of it as done by pearl by mass trading with librarians

Erher says:

0:11 Sheep eating snow XD

Name says:

No it's pearleasentmoon who flipped all the animals and she got the name tags from villagers
Edit : now he knows

hunky dory says:

Why do you sound like mumbo at the start

whitehatnetizen says:

Have you seen Tango's copper farm? have you had a copper-off to see who gets more? 😀

ßwəęþ hœmə Æłæbåmæ says:

Still doing this sinse hermitcraft season 1

ANDREW says:

You still get looting 3 afk if you make a trident spin in circle by pistons and hold out your sword with looting.
Also it works only if YOU throw the trident

bigfogie68 says:

It's probably been said by now, but doesn't the sword have to be in the main hand for the looting to take effect? I use it with bow in offhand when farming for looting

Joshua Traylor says:

Redstone observer loop with red stone lamps at the top would look awesome for the lighthouse dude!

Lady Ivy Vine XIII says:

Those flipped animals are funny. It's almost like they're walking down under the world.

Opeten says:

small problem with the recording at the start of the vid:
your Hotbar was slightly cut of

Christopher Daane says:

Btw the way the bottom of the screen was cut off a bit, I don't know if it was gust me but still great vid keep it up 👍

CriticalGamer says:

Good lord I always forget how easy the Wither is on Java. I died like 5 times against the Bedrock Wither.

xisumavoid says:

Three more Hermitcraft Livestream have been planned! Check them in your timezone here : https://www.twitch.tv/xisuma/schedule