How Elon Musk's 700 MPH Hyperloop Concept Could Become The Fastest Way To Travel

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Countries in Europe and Asia are filled with high-speed bullet trains, bringing passengers from Paris to London or Tokyo to Kyoto within 2.5 hours. But hyperloops could bring passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 45 minutes. Elon Musk introduced the concept of the hyperloop in 2013, but the US still doesn’t have one. So what’s the holdup? It all comes down to technology, money, and construction. Virgin Hyperloop is on its way to developing the first hyperloop, testing a 107-mph run in November using maglev technology.

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How Elon Musk’s 700 MPH Hyperloop Concept Could Become The Fastest Way To Travel

Luis Mendoza says:

NOPE, this technology become obsolete the moment it came to light due to high speed trains like the shinkansen in Japan or the TGV in Europe, costs alone will destroy the hyperloop, California just cancelled their traditional high-speed train due to high costs, the hyperloop track costs 3x times because of the vacuum pumps and the tube construction

Luis Mendoza says:

Why do you think Elon made the concept open source?? Because he didn't want to invest any of his own money in this nonsense!! He let other companies and universities spend money and effort to build the tracks and the cars!!

Kenny Phun says:

I wouldn’t want to be inside when it crash at 700mph

B Wilhelm says:

$100 one way ticket = Hyper Doomed.

Adarsh Tiwari says:

Hyperloop exists :-))

Le my claustrophobic ass :-0

AlphaCentauri24 says:

How can all these publications & journalists be so frickin dumb?! Hyperloop will never be a viable transportation medium. And Elon Musk didnt conceptualize Hyperloop.

Some Guy With No Mustache says:

This is literally a waste of money. What happened in 2016? Nothing. The newest test IS LITERALLY ONLY GOING MAX 200 MILES AN HOUR. Japans train is way more convenient

Aaron Grey says:

Garbage. Will never happen.

IamIUareU says:

its just a theory, not even close to finishing so why talking about it as it is real? even its context is not confirmed or tested yet so why?

Click Bug says:

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one who does it".

mahroof mohemed says:

This is the same thing that was in Lab Rats

Quince Questions says:

Our American government is infatuated with 19th century style of governance and policies and is unable to grasp the ideas to support this type of public transportation system. We will never move past it. Our regulatory system is like that of an 80’s rock star who can never let it go.