How The World's Largest Community Kitchen Feeds 100,000 Daily At Golden Temple, India | Big Batches

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This is the largest free kitchen in the world. Open 24 hours, year round, this food hall feeds 100,000 people for free each day. And on religious holidays that number can double.

Just one of these huge bowls is enough to feed around 10,000 people.

We visited Amritsar in India to find out everything that goes into feeding such a large crowd, and to see just what it takes to make such Big Batches…

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How The World’s Largest Community Kitchen Feeds 100,000 Daily At Golden Temple, India | Big Batches

Huyivant says:

Peace and love

wenaldy says:

Murikan = "what's quintal?"

Jonathan Westmoreland says:

$4m a year to keep that running?! Man, I got that on me!

Ryan says:

We spend millions per day to keep war vessels, machines and soldiers operating. Imagine what we could do with that money if it were put into the community and education.

s k says:

Not only sikh or gurudwar temples.. Indian Hindu temples does the same throughout india for example tirumala temple .. its just that they dont show up to hindi or english audience.

Aman Deep says:

Golden temple: no.1 visited place in this planet 🌎

Anhela Anhela says:

Christians: Let's demand human rights taken away from people, disrupt concerts of bands we deem blasphemous and be a public nuisance and awful people in general.
Sikhists: Let's literally feed 100000 people every single day.

Sing Loc says:

What an amazing video. The community that lives near the temple volunteer their time. They feed everyone! I'm an atheist but I want to visit this place just to witness that communal feeling.

Kerogas says:

Сколько еще нужно чертей-бездельников к ним прислать, чтобы кормящая дыра накрылась медным тазом наконец?

redorange says:

So this is why COVID is so huge in India.

Karoo Blue says:

I wish we could do this successfully in South Africa. We have milions of people who could benefit from this and give back to their direct communities 🎈

Flipflops Guy says:


Jørgen G says:

That's a lot of mouths to feed😃👍

Deify Samurai says:

I just learned a new weight measurement blessings to the Sikh people

drafhixa says:

These people are doing all this on 4 million dollars a year, meanwhile the homeless in the U.S. are left to fend for themselves in the supposed greatest nation on earth. We need to take a lesson from these people.

Campbell Mac diarmid says:


Funky Sagan Cat says:

It made me hungry, now I want to visit the temple just to try the food and donate some money

Jada Owens says:

Who disliked this…. and why? Honestly???? This is absolutely amazing, I wish I could be apart of something like this.

Luina Narvaez says:

No Sewage systems or water treatments is there biggest problem and it will end up in some plague disaster

Origami and art studio says:

No meat uhh

eagle says:

This is amazing. (:
This is what we need more of.

Captn W says:

I worked with a sikh man for 4 years, one of the best guys I've ever met 🙂

sak says:

I wanna help them cook da food

맛있는거리Tasty Street says:


John Wig says:

Some Americans: this is sOcIaLiSm, mArXiSm, cOmMunIsM!

tox 1c says:

filthiest people in the world making filthiest food in the world and eating it. great.