I found the *NEW* LEGENDARY Hunting Rifle in Fortnite! (SUPER OP)

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – LEGENDARY Hunting Rifle gameplay!
► *NEW* Rapid Fire SMG – https://youtu.be/cNsvGDpKHuM
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

Charlie Ife Watson says:

I think I’ll go ghost to be quite oneset ally what do you think

TheBlueThunder7264 says:

Doesn't battle lab have vaulted weapons? If so that's why you found it in it there and not battle royale.

Hazz Gaming says:

It is in team rumble.

E and F and G says:

I found the epic hunting rifle

Kelsie Cole says:

Can I play fortnit with you

Car Man says:

You ducked up my landing spot

Fiachra Fortnite says:

I’m joining ghost

Ethan Hill says:

Ali says the fire rate is so quick on the gold hunting rifle and slow on the blue but there the same.??

Mr pin says:

Please go my youtube channel
Don't forget SUBSCRIBE and like

slykzy says:

If you have been a fan of Ali A before 2020 👇

Gifting my next 98 loyal subscribers

Charlotte O’Connor says:

Go in the toilets in the petrol station next to frenzy and yul find a chest with the rapid fire smg

Kevin Reyes says:

bro you can only find it in the "one shot" LTM🤦🏻‍♂️

Padmé Àmidila says:

hey the hunting rifle has dropped into the sea. Build your boat to save it

music stuff says:

Ali A is an absolute loser he clicbaits everything and has even made up the idea of a silenced shotgun now he plays one shot and thinks he is cool

OMGolly isdataburrito says:

Remember when a legendary Heavy ar would do 96 damage with headshots? Now its 88 with a mythical variant headshot

terry webb says:

You can hear ali a intro playing

Connor Wright says:

I hope everyone knows that it’s only in one shot

OVI says:

Shout out to the editor for the epic and gold edit

TheProdigy says:

Always in bot lobbies only, the only reason he gets any wins… not even a hater cause I like his content and watch his vids but the truths the truth, if I shoot someone they build the quickest sky base, yet Ali can land behind someone, heavy snipe them and the person just turns round at 000.1mph

mr fresh says:

7:28 is what you came for
Use Code Alia

Emad Shaikh says:

Where to find tactical assault rifle

The Block Bash Bros says:

In what universe does the thumbnail match the weapon!

(Also, pretty sure the thumbnail was stolen from Reddit.)

Ricky Kilmurray says:

Team shadow

Pete Gardner says:

Team shadow