I PAID $13,000 for a LASER CUTTER – Here's what I made…

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munky 1806 says:

I can already tell his wife is not happy

Panda Vt says:

I would love the painting puzzle to give to my mother. 🙂

SaltY Turtle says:

Make a wood glider

Gerard Gine Prats says:

I want that sword!!

Cory Does Stuff says:

Adding a comment to help you pay back dat debt

Hussein Daher says:

the weapons are mine

Mall3n 44 says:

Assortment of weapons!!!

Zackery Wolfcat says:

For Fourth of July my brother had the idea to put like 20-30 sparklers together. Me and my brother agreed. Set a fire and we were still holding the sparklers. Fun times, fun times.

Hiccupthegreat1 says:

id like an asortment of bumhole keychains

Fishy Animations says:

You wash the Wood after lasering it jeez dude

Lemonly Edits says:

Right as soon as they started messing around with the computer near about I'm guessing 2:00 IDK I guess for some reason the gacha club music started playing IDK how but it did 😂😂😂😂 it's not supposed to do that lol 😂😂😅😅😅😅😂😂

Robert Dunmeyer says:

Make a realistic t rex plssss

Robert Dunmeyer says:

Man I paused every single jump cut every single effect I paused every time I zoomed in and out and when u went onto the bottom left of the screen next vid u post tell me where it was plsss I did this 3 times I'm done u cheeky bastered lmao jk about the cheeky bastered everything else is true

Julianne P says:

Is it bad that I want the butt keychain?

jaade says:

jazza please do not let your children play with the swords

Thanhngan Nguyen says:

build a axe

Troy Kadavy says:

I built a coffee table out of 70+ pieces of 1.5” thick pine with a repeating pattern on a Glowforge. Much smaller workspace than what you have and your the right kind of “crazy” to try a more extreme work table.

kcskittles says:

I'm a bit in love with Ed. Just a bit…a lot.

Logan Flaathen says:

Try printing some of your drawings and hang them somewhere

Mac-Albert Dra-Zonyrah says:

One of those knuckle things but transparent

gemshine gaming says:

The "keychain" would be good for self defense, plus a haha funney to show off

XxAqua_ DoggoxX says:

Petition to make the “draw with asshole”keychain a thing

Maverick the Coffee Addict says: