I Said YES to a Subscriber for 24 Hours!

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I Said YES to a Subscriber for 24 Hours! with Preston 👊

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The Royalty Family – BABY Milan Eats SPICY FOOD for the FIRST TIME!!


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Mariana Gonzalez says:

It’s so mouch 💴 💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴

Delia Woodson says:

My name is John I have been subscribed to you for 10 years and I want to know if you can say yes to me for 24 hours

Jessica Fisher says:

I love your vedow

Striker Stouder says:

High Boyd from duck tales lol

Night Wolf says:

If i were in Boyd's position i would just ask to be in Preston presence!

Ya-ting Chang says:

Boyd: Lets go prank Brianna
Preston: That's all the way back at the warehouse. Do you know how much gas that's gonna cost?!
Boyd: Your car is electric

JungAn Lee says:

The chilly calf quickly tick because banker broadly desert of a well-to-do department. glistening glorious, robust caution

Itskawaiikitty says:

I love how he is getting stuff for his siblings he cares about getting them stuff

shawnbob showalter says:

say yes to me 4 24 hours

Super Matt says:

3:09 same. I wish that every day

Jhace Mangalino says:

the boy is not polite

Neil Fontaine says:

doesn't that look like Josh a little

shirley mengelberg says:

Are you happy that you did that

Master_ Gamersx99 says:

I rlly hope it's not staged….. Because it's such an awesome content

rihan mohammed says:

Hello preston can you plss say how to get robux plss …

DoggoPH vlogs says:

Can I have robux

Gab Pantaleon says:

I hate Boyd… Just COUZ!!
I hope he gets bad luck cOuz he breaks the mirror

Lucy Dennison says:

Did it hurt when you got shot with nerf guns

Leo Willee says:

That kid is way too old to be a prestonplayz fan

Lucy Dennison says:

You could do a video about you saying yes to one of your editors for a yes day

JayGamez 808 says:

“Preston, take me to Best Buy.”
Preston: Adios

Sshoto_Todoroki says:

What Did Happen To Nick?

Mixmac02 :p says:

Thats not kid friendly. 6:36

brat tomi says:

6:38 I burst out laughing