I Surprised MrBeast With Custom 50 Million Playbutton!

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Also big thanks to tristan’s family and everyone who put up with me dipping out of life for a few months

This video took 3 months and about $15,000 to make. I’m not even sure why we went so unbelievably nuts with this project but I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Mr Beast is a youtuber who has donated millions of dollars to charity and has used his channel to gain as much momentum as possible as a force for good, opening food banks and other philanthropic causes all the time. Now that 50 million subscribers have supported his cause, we thought it only right to go all out with this award. We built this playbutton out of aluminum, titanium, gold, padauk wood, damascus steel, titanium damascus, and more. I learned the processes of cnc milling, water jet, plasma cutting, and much more. I made some lifelong friends and got to deliver to mr beast in person so it was all worth it in the end.. i think. I do regret disappearing from youtube for 3 months but I think I will be back for a while now, at least until 100 million (;
Hope you’re staying safe and having a good time. Almost summer so yeah nice

JSGV says:

people who skipped the video to see the award are plain evil man

Hafsah Gilani says:

Well since youtube didnt give it atleast he wont destroy it

Fizzy says:

The fact he spent this much time and effort into a play button..

Baha wanjuki says:

What that is crazy

The Official C.A.T.S Master says:

It would be better if MrBeast was more suprised, because you litterly did ur best so much with a whole team to make the best gift for MrBeast.

Urvi Kushal says:

Awesome, it's magical✨

Ruel TV says:


Charles Jefferson Morshed says:

Lets get this guy to a Million!

ywos says:

wait wasn't this uploaded way earlier than a week ago?

Demon Demon says:

Wow its so cool

FumRo says:

7:32 are ur brain laggy ?

Olga Dumanskaya says:

This award is insane! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

chao tran says:

The flimsy dad genetically crack because lyocell latterly kick off a nonchalant digital. periodic, elastic pest

FG Deenow says:

Daniel deserves 10M

MrBeast says:

This award is insane! THANK YOU SO MUCH!