Is an Angle Kit Worth It? – TESTED

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We ALL love anything DRIFT at Donut! So this week we decided it’d be the perfect time to talk about an Angle Kit and install one on our good friend Cirone’s E36. He’s been slowly building his 1993 BMW 325i to be his drift missile and we are here to help. Let’s talk drifting, angle kit set ups and go drift this thing!

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Reuben Stern says:

I bet money maker Jerry does a great impression of Scotty Kilmer.

shota tor says:

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caffeinated bean says:


Elijah Fils says:

Welp this just proves assetto wins again

Ha Ris says:

Chris fix tutorial 🤣🤣🤣

Billy Bob says:

We wanna see Cirone more.!!! He’s a cool dude

Nathan Wiegmann says:

Great show fellas

Three Five says:

i'm trying to understand the appeal of drifting.

Francis Fedorovičs says:

dislikes 404 not found

Rudi Van Wyk says:

Take a shot every time he days steering and/or angle.

Marlon Hope says:

Gotta get this guy on the show more he's cool

Changing Names says:

I would totally watch a moneypit spin-off where Zack and Cirone build another drift car together

MfJedi Knight says:

we need more drift videos. In general lol. This video was great though fr. you guys blew up so hard. such a good channel.

APaulO96 says:

So are we just gonna ignore the 86 in the back?

꧁꧂ says:

What's the point of the chin diaper? Why don't you where it properly? Or not at all?

Dave Berumen says:

Is steering angle only for drifting ?

Braden Ashmore says:

Anyone that use Twitter find it funny they were talking about maybe 3 inches and then kept saying extendo

Christian Pickens says:

Hert's GS back there lookin spicy, we gettin that Hoonigan x Donut collab?

Parris Wells says:

So can you put the kit on a “not track car” more of a daily? Or is it not worth it?😗

Lame AF says:

Holy Shit, this man was so close to that wall in his boys car. WOW haha

David Thomas says:

I’m just gonna take it easy….I don’t wanna see him try hard if that’s him taking it easy. Mopowa baby!

ExtremeRacer 879 says:

My opinion is:

I'm not sure if that really affects the handling but i can say, these things are worthy for drifting.

Allan Lesage says:

so u tell me this is the first time Zach actually drift car??? WHAT THE HELL

Ryan Casey says:

i really would like that suit!

Phantom says:


Jared Salem says:

This ad is just so bad and definitely the company

wnnalis cioov says:

Without this series, my Wednesdays would totally suck

Roger Newton-Darby says:

It needs to be said!!! more MORE MORE of this