Is This A Gift Or Gag? (Challenge)

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This video was sponsored by Walmart. Shop Walmart This Holiday Season. Curbside Pickup & Delivery from store is subject to local slot availability. Walmart’s YouTube page:

In today’s game, we’re seeing who can choose the gift that’s real. GMM #1873

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Gabriela Bishop says:

So…link finally decided if Walmart was good or evil.

Fuchs schatten says:

Ahaha when it said 'play me' I was really hoping for it to be what I thought it was :'DDD

Ian Burnham says:

i love watching how much this show has gotten meta over the years lol

Bubblegum Bambi says:

I don't come home from working at walmart to listen to people talk about walmart 😂😂😂

Kilowat Bravo says:

Link's reaction while Rhett is dancing on his song. Hahahahha..

Joshua Bardwell says:

Can't get enough of repeated appearances of the booty knot song

Oskar Pelayo says:

This doesn't make me want to shop at Walmart.

Alexis Pool says:

I believe this is LAMP

Andrew says:

Did anyone else know exactly what would play on the boombox?

Nolan Bramble says:

I'm pretty sure Walmart is holding their families hostage

Asher Trotter says:

The start of the video is the definition of among us (not the intro)

Barbara Danley says:

Walmart sponsorship, GMM livin' large.

Jamie Zammit says:

As soon as I saw 'play me' I had my fingers crossed it would be Rhett's Ambient Massage Song… Made my whole day 💙

Charlie Durnford says:


MarkehJLL says:

Damn this is like the first time I've seen one of their sponsorships get universally panned in the comments LMAO.

FoundGamer says:

How does someone even get Walmart to be a sponsor?

Trevor A says:

They should’ve put a sprite in the cooler

Colin Anderson says:

The toilet was way too small. If it was a real toilet it would probably squish the desk. But honestly all the gifts were super hard to guess

Water Witch says:

As soon as I saw “play me” I knew it was gonna be that song

Jasmine Walters says:

I miss your songs and performances. I would love to see a performance of OCD on here for Christmas or even a couple of your Christmas songs!! Love you guys!!

augustosj says:

3 minutes of wallmart…

Zachory Dodd says:

You can see that there is a crack in the wrapping on tire that it is an actual tire

Justin Lawson says:

Hello. I was an He-man fan. I was born in the 80's.

Nicci T. says:

Walmart can’t even pay their employees a living wage but you feel ok promoting them. Gotta say it’s gross

silentnoyze says:

Why y’all salty about the Walmart sponsorship? GMM is a business after all and they always look for sponsorship/partnership since wayback when. Y’all think a local small shop be able to sponsor GMM? Please. It’s business, it’s not personal.