It's time to break up.

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Thanks to Logitech G for sponsoring today’s video! Find out how you can break up with wires at

The cable mess was real, so bad the community demanded it be fixed! So Linus….. well he did what he does best and decided it would be great to cable manage an hour before WAN show. You can probably guess what happened next.

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

Jacob Miller says:

@8:54, what is this thing called? I'm not having much luck googling

Sedellke says:

Linus suffering for 15 minutes

Pegasus79Z says:


Eryck Bednarski says:

It might have worked in the end, but this is surly not how you do it, so don't try it at home!

pr_oli says:

Through out these years, it's obvious now. When it comes to Linus own stuff, he always finds a way to break something or be extremely clumsy. I love him for it.

Chris Schuler says:

There's no way he's actually replacing the HD600

Chet says:

Linus: cable management

TechSource: did somebody call my name

JOE 94 says:

I have a cabel management. But the ikea desk is so weak that i had hard time putting it on under the desk

JOE 94 says:

Same keyboard. It has issue. It's rare but annoying. It disconnect for like 1 second

Wout b says:

what brand is the usb hub?

FOertel says:

Alternative Title: Linus destroying his stuff.

Holzwurm _HD says:

Why should i buy some Headphones from Logitech when i could buy used HD 600's for the same price? Id rather have a 3 pair of HD 600's than some wireless Logitech stuff… (i own the HD 600's and the HD 650's) <- Tho the 650's have too much bass for my taste.

Jeremy says:

Logitech, the sponsor of this video, doesn't want you to talk about how bad G HUB is lol


This #logitech look like a "Shroud Logitech". Am I right? What do you think?

Kajus Slekys says:

I have the G915 TKL

x35gaming says:

my pc setup is all wired

fl00d says:

All Logitech wireless shit is stupid expensive.

Grenouille DS says:

I thought it was a wireless challenge, everything wifi or something else. My bad.
Could be interesting.
Is it possible?

Apache edits says:

sinus desk tips

Aldo Pedroza says:

I would recommend using double sided tape for power bricks to stick to the desk.

Tamertamer Tamer says:

When you need a wireless charging pad is there a reason to have a wireless mouse instead of not buying the pad and just getting a wired one

Gr33nG!ant says:

Eventually you guys will learn to not let Linus use power tools

Alexandre chove says:

bro ur so silly, u could make it so much easier

Quack says:

Should've gotten the model O wireless for the mouse

Sandeep Raghuraman says:

I went with a full wireless setup years ago. Wireless keyboard, mouse, headset. Didn't have all of the other stuff that Linus had, but the essentials were there.

I sure wish we could have budget monitors that support DisplayPort and USB power delivery over a single cable. Then we could have just two wires, desktop power cable and display cable.

Zenith says:

I think one of the first videos I saw of yours was when you reviewed those Corsair Speakers a few months after that video came out!