Marjorie Taylor Greene's Mask Complaints, Biden's COVID Investigation: Late Night’s News of the Week

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All the news and jokes you missed from the week of May 24.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Mask Complaints, Biden’s COVID Investigation: Late Night’s News of the Week- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Phrayd edjez says:

Here's an idea. A re Roast of Donald Trump. Done properly

TheWinterscoming says:

Seth is actually using his platform to help shift the overton window left. Even by just naming his joke writers and giving them credit on air he is showing more solidarity with those below him on his staff, unlike 99% of other tv shows.
He ain't a commie but he is at least one of the few actual left people on tv

Madhusree Guhathakurta says:

By the way who you want to get the Grammy Award ?

jemqume kuhaklo says:

The scary father-in-law connoly enjoy because mary isely thaw aboard a boring trail. charming, puny addition

Nick A says:

May allah forgive me for watching this cringe fest

Vaporsephone says:

"WIFE BAD" is such a boomer joke

Billy Zee says:

There is no excuse, please be responsible and get you and your entire family vaccinated. President Biden wants at least 70% of all Americans vaccinated by July 4th! Together, we can defeat this pandemic!

Zach Thomas says:

If Boris Johnson has a soundtrack, it doesn’t get to be the Minutemen.

Joe Uknow says:

This guy is a clown and not a funny one at that!! Horrible show bro come on man give it up

Zealotes the Aussie says:

So anyhoo, my uncle from NH is in town for a Billboard Convention on ‘How to Use Billboards to Irritate Vermontians Till They Bust and The Best Billboards To Do It.’ The summer trails of NH are full of ticks at the moment, so lots of GOP are going there to have their soul and compassion sucked out of them. I don’t know why coz that all happened for them about ten years ago. Lindsey Graham and the Great Zombie Turtle of Kentucky are going there just to make sure every bit of their soul and compassion has gone. Again, I don’t know why coz that happened 20 years ago, and you can tell by their pale purple skin and dead eyes that it worked back then.

Joe Weis says:

JANUARY 6 ? Can A Bank Robber Investigate A Bank Robbery ???

Jamal Hussain says:

If you have to explain a joke, it’s not funny. Some of the worsts jokes evaar!

Asad Hashmi says:

Dude, stop going on vaca. Its the opposite of vaca for the audience

edward steve says:

The defiant discussion unintentionally compare because barge exemplarily connect including a reminiscent nose. defiant, bright candle

Rex M says:

Marjorie Taylor Green is beyond help !!! She is living in an Adverse Reality World !!!I Pray she realizes Reality but she has spent so much time in Lala Land trying to be noticed, I don't think her EGO will allow her to be helped !!! She is Really Out There and even though a rational person couldn't believe the Off The Wall Things She Says…. I believe she'll keep up the charade because she has a need to be loved for the attention !!! Maybe she's been smoking the Weed Seth talked about regarding the increase reports to the Hotline ??? Being Stoned Out Of Her Mind Could Begin to Explain Her Psychopathic Actions !!! MTG an One Time In Congress….Make It Real !!!

The Man With No Name says:

Honestly this video is so low budget and not even funny, I can make a better more entertaining video in my basement.

Zealotes the Aussie says:

I am of the firm belief that Abraham Lincoln was of Cherokee descent.

G ASDASD says:

The handy health multivariately admit because quiet randomly offend despite a real net. fine, synonymous chronometer

Anthony Grider says:

So the republicans wants to make it harder to vote huh, well then we the people, the majority must work harder to vote then!! Whatever it takes to vote start today to make that happen, no matter what it takes!!

Put 25 cents in a jar, or safe how ever much from now until election day to buy whatever stupid ID they ask for, do whatever it takes to vote!!

Dems you need to hire drivers and buses or whatever it takes to get people to voting places, start now, plan it now so on election day, who ever wants to vote has a way!! Those with cars offer other people rides, whatever it takes!!!

Then we the people, we the majority, must vote out every no good rotten fake hypocrite lying racist sexist cultist ask people to die only give tax cuts to the rich ahole republican in office now and purge them from our government for good!!

They want to make it harder to vote, then we work harder to vote and it starts today!! They want to stop needed programs, they don't want to tax the rich to help the rest of us, they ask us to die for the economy and money, they lie about the last election and say we don't matter, that we didn't vote like we did, then let us come together that did vote last year and lets show those bastards!!!

If we the people, we the majority don't punish them for what they have done, then our democracy is already dead!!! This is our country, our government, our taxes that keep it going and we should have the things we need, but to do that we must get rid of those that only block stuff we need, in 2022 no matter what get out and vote!!

Then the Dems will have no excuse, then they will have no one blocking them and can get what we need, healthcare for all, higher minimal wage, a better country where we all get what we need not just the few!!!

But if they won't do it after that then time for us to look at 3rd parties then, you can't kill both parties, no take out one to show the other that we can do away with them and that will send a huge message!!! But we've got to do it or lose our democracy, lose our country, lose our homes and our land, so no matter what go out and vote and let us show those bastards, they can't stop us the majority, we the people from voting their asses out in all the next elections to come!!!!

Darren Turner says:

The Forrest Gump of scandals, the Kevin Bacon of corruption….he's the Donald!

The Maelström says:

Marjorie Taylor Green’s eyes are way too close together to take her seriously.

Île-de- France says:

"Senate Republicans once again took democracy behind the back of the barn and shot it in the face," using the filibuster to block a bipartisan Jan. 6 Capitol riot commission. "The truth is, there's nothing that can overcome Mitch McConnell's obstruction — he's so adept at clogging things up, he's the first human to be designated a fatberg."

"This was the first time during this congressional session that Republicans used the filibuster to block legislation, but it won't be the last." "There's only one solution: We have to kill the filibuster. And when I say kill it, I mean, kill it. Burn it, strangle it, draw a bath and drop a plugged-in toaster on it, I do not care.

"Democrats, you won!" "Stop letting the losers call the shots!"

– Samantha Bee

Watch "Why No Progressive Agenda Can Survive the Senate Filibuster" on YouTube

Watch "The Real Antifa" on YouTube

Donald Trump’s term expired, and he was stripped both of the powers of office and of the immunity from federal prosecution that comes with it.

The Former Presidents Act is an act of Congress that can be amended, so Congress likely could strip Trump of the perks he enjoys as an ex-president.

He lost legal protections when he left office. Now he is pushing the idea of reinstatement as he faces potential indictment over his business dealings. And can finally be charged with the dozens of crimes that we know he has committed.


Eric Swalwell forced to hire private investigators because Rep. Mo Brooks is so scared of his subpoena.

Eric Swalwell's attorneys say they can't find Mo Brooks to serve lawsuit.

Watch "GOP Betrayed America" on YouTube

Watch "GOP Cop Killers" on YouTube

Trump, Republicans incite crowd before mob storms Capitol

Trump Campaign Paid $2.7 Million To People, Firms That Planned Rally Sparking Capitol Riot

Eight Trump campaign officials were listed on the permit for the rally that ended with the deadly storming of the Capitol, reports the Center for Responsive Politics.

Watch "Mike Pence on Capitol Attack and Working With Trump" on YouTube

"Trump filmed backstage before speech that sparked Capitol riots"

"What US President Donald Trump Was Doing When His Supporters Were Rioting On Capitol Hill | CRUX"

Trump’s Capitol Riot Instigator Exposed —Palast, Roberts on Law & Crime

Christopher Miller who served as Acting US Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration says Trump wanted troops to protect supporters on Jan. 6"

Marjorie Taylor Greene released a video statement about a planning session she attended with Trump in the Oval Office and West Wing.

Greene will be objecting the electoral votes for Joe Biden when it goes to Congress for a vote on January 6.

Here’s a list of the 100 most-retweeted accounts in our # StopTheSteal Twitter data.

3 Percenter Sticker Found On Truck At Capitol Riot Belongs To GOP Rep’s Husband

Illinois state Rep. Chris Miller denied knowing what the anti-government symbol represents

Capitol Breach Cases

Below is a list of defendants charged in federal court in the District of Columbia related to crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. 👇

505 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection so far. This searchable table shows them all.

U.S. Capitol Violence

The FBI is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying individuals who made unlawful entry into the U.S. Capitol building and committed various other alleged criminal violations, such as destruction of property, assaulting law enforcement personnel, targeting members of the media for assault, and other unlawful conduct, on January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

Île-de- France says:

Watch "NYC's Lady Liberty is getting a little sister" on YouTube