MINE 1 Block = 100 Blocks BREAK! (Minecraft)

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Gamer Master says:

You are the best YouTube person in my life Sogman masters

Your local Elephant lover says:

Him: order now for the low price of $34.99
Me: sorry but if I buy it I’ll be $34.98
in debt
Yes I only have 1 cent in my bank account

Noah Grant says:

Sligo: for the low price of £35
Me: are u shore that's low


That video was Amazing I love you joshhhhhhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

Adi Lantoria says:

Villager: What a beautiful day of showering!
Slogoman: Let me break this glass pane.
Villager: Hey! No peaking without my permission.
Slogoman: Oops…
(I know this isn't really funny)

Conclusive says:

Why isn’t jordi in the vids anymore?

Connor Macleod says:

I have Your merch

Noah Bergvall says:

hmm in they be gining jelly sed you gauys we aff to get a dimond den they video ends uhh!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

AZURA 13240 says:

Where is kwebbelkop 🙁

Gazey 05 says:

Guys how do you get this mod?

Franciszek Franek says:

Get a thanks mode

Franciszek Franek says:

Thanos mode

Gazey 05 says:

Thanks slogoman. You’ve inspired me to make videos just like yours thanks!

Gazey 05 says:

Slogoman: how many blocks is this

Crainer: 60,000

Awkward Silence….

rashidat Mustapha says:

play with jordi cranier and jelly

marites marpa says:

If you want them to make their own series
Btw i like your videos slogo
Like this

Luiz Cubez says:

11:30 the 1 rule of Minecraft, don’t dig straight down