Minecraft BUT You Can’t LEAVE The NETHER (update)

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We’re trying to survive Minecraft but we can’t leave the new Nether!
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JELLY – https://youtu.be/LHAnmQlFeKg
CRAINER – https://youtu.be/wKpov5gBz2k

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Ranjan Patil says:

hey solgo crainer has placed tnt in random places in your base there are a bunch of pressure plates don't step on them

special anims says:

Jelly the hoglin lololololol
If jelly See's this he'll be mad

Seba Skrosky says:

The tree is an mushroom

Jennifer Lawson says:

Where is jelly?

Geet pun magar says:

"Poison" XD It's "Hunger"

CajOBr29 says:

Pls change ur name to slogoman again

Kirsten Woolley says:

Slogo is better because it is smaller

Symptom - Matic says:

530313rd view lol

DieKupplung says:

I just got a stroke when i saw him crafting those golden pickaxes instead of saving it for the netherite

Aiden Graham says:

i liked and subscribded i love your videos

Sherri Grome says:

I love this video

David Barjaktarov says:

wheres jelly

OddBoy 100 says:

jelly when he sees 0:58 of the video: angry jelly noises

Mcpe Gamer says:

Josh:rotten flesh is the only food in the nether
What about the brown and red mushroom to make mushroom stew

james gorham says:

its not on ps4

Hamburger meme says:

Is this a mod ?