Modern Warfare… But I'm Playing With Subscribers

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COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer + Warzone Gameplay with Subcribers I met in Search & Destroy 1440p 60FPS PC MW
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I met 2 of my Subscribers on Modern Warfare and they were so cool! We played together for about 3 hours in S&D and Warzone – Enjoy!


kev Dollaz says:

Not gunna lie it’s pretty cool you playing with subs!!! I like content like this!!! This type of vid made me sub!!!

“ezz” you tuat” 🤣

Seith says:

Hey exo i just wanted to know where you are from

Jaeden says:

I would love to see exotalk shit in a east coast lobby

lina espinosa says:

Boi when I tell u if I could friend you I'm sad now bro I feel betrayed bro but foreals can I friend you pls

Co dy says:

You should make a video showing your settings

vizion.clapped says:

If anybody watching this video is and subscribe please just subscribe is the best cod YouTube

Jamaurie G says:

Exo: women are not allowed to play video games

Natalie: 👁👄👁

Young Reezy says:

I love how you didn't give 2 shits about your account being permanently banned 😂😂

Millard Barredo says:

Road to 200k subscribers!🔥🔥🔥

Avalyn says:

You could’ve played with me but instead you played with my heart 🥺

Zieely says:

I would just ask him to call me twat multiple times over.

SoldMySoul-lx says:

Yo is it just me or do you sometimes talk like exo

Tracn y says:

Respect for using ak and a p90

Stehren von Mainz says:

You changed mouse DPI?

Davide Puricelli says:

Exo playin warzone at last

Zin says:

EXO ghost can u add my pleaseeee my name is novechp

Rilley Greenwood says:

Bro this wholesome af, playing with his fans and just making time for them made me smile

Shadow4k says:

Hey if you see this comment which you probably won’t but i want to be like you am trying. To upload videos of warzone and and search and destroy but am not a good player i just need some tips

Haha cLaPzZ says:

heh i wish i was there

RyJF01 says:

Speaking for most people let’s be honest who’s actually having fun on latest call of duty’s sbm has completely ruined what’s been one of the best franchises I ain’t saying modern warfare is a bad game it’s not they just need to separate sbm in just a ranked mode so it’s fair I’m not terrible but I don’t wanna be try Harding all the time just to go positive. This is call of duty we know and love.

Matthew Youmans says:

Definitely a reason there is a select few warzone clases

Not XenZo says:

I loved the video you are really kind to your subs I'm subscribing

4K Crib says:

Make little make little mama

Houston Cathey says:

exo you are the most funniest person on youtube. please play a game with me. im sorry for what i said about nat

Houston Cathey says:

but fr exo, i would like to play with you. please 🙂

NLB says:

Just by exo ghost voice you can tell he’s packing

D_e8nis X says:

Best YouTuber ever

I love you bro 🥺🥺👍