My Midlife Crisis Car – Porsche Taycan 4S Review

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The Porsche Taycan 4S is an electric car made by a manufacturer who has a history of making cars, but its pricing can go up to $160,000 so you could expect or think it’ll be almost perfect. Here are my thoughts.

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0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Initial Impressions
2:56 – Porsche Taycan 4S specs
4:00 – Driving experience
5:32 – Suspension
7:08 – Infotainment system experience
11:11 – Porsche driving tech bonus
12:00 – Electric charging and range
13:43 – Closing thoughts

ShotClanTxter says:

is that a new house?

Alain Pfaeffli says:

congrats for pronouncing porsche correctly 🙂 just need some practice with volkswagen

Mike Dooley says:

Nice to see the Taycan now may have android auto.

But have a test of the new Audi E-Tron GT. Which is the same car only with audi interior and infotainment system.
Separate climate controls and comes with both apple and android linking. As standard.

Worth a test. Is that the sweet spot?

J says:

I’m not even near midlife and I’d buy a Taycan lol. After getting a Tesla there’s no going back to ICE and the Taycan is way more nimble than the S or 3.

Elite Klavin says:

Linus Drip Tips

theBMWF48dude says:

ah yes, a Porsche. everyone’s go-to midlife crisis car, other than the Corvette 😂

Morgana Devina says:

Vintage is better! Want a 70's Porsche 🙂

BrDaCoZ says:

Why don't you try being a top gear host, you'd be good at it. better than the bores we have now

ed va says:

The best car reviev i have seen, and you aren't even a car focused chanel. 🙂

Adam Schein says:

We need more of these car reviews!!

Jer H says:

someone get this man inside the Volkswagon ID.R i want to see him giggle like a little girl some more.

MajStealth says:

if i bought a porsche taycan each time i pulled a white hair, volkswagen would no longer exist…^^

Conner Dargi says:

Didn't realize those had double wishbone. Granted they never really did it for me when I saw them come in to my last shop so I never really looked at them

Skryme Bruh says:

new channel linus car tips

Hey Nickk says:

i know damn well that wasnt linus doing that dummy clean drift in the beginning

Shams says:

Damn Linus. You look 👌 in that suit

katze_sonne says:

Sounds so weird when someone speaking in English pronounces "Porsche" correctly!

btp589 says:

As far as I'm concerned, any car above $50k should have the whole package. It's not a $30k econobox with a great engine slapped on (WRX, Veloster N). It should have luxury, performance, easy of use, accessibility everything. Especially, if that car is north of $100k. I'm all for performance cars but the Porsche fan boy always have some sort of excuses for Porsche's shortcomings, such as "oh, it's a Porsche, it's all about the drive! Don't worry about crappy interior, outdated infotainment and half-baked software. If you care about those things, then Porsche isn't for you." LOL.

Christian Bard says:

Honestly I watch a LOT of auto motive YouTubers. This has to be one of the best reviews I've watched so far.. and the Linus tech is a tech channel!

Linus Tech Tips says:

Note: A couple of days ago Porsche announced an over-the-air update to their infotainment that includes adding Android Auto to the Taycan. The Taycan already had some of this system in place so it's unclear how many of our gripes will be addressed when it arrives.

Also we are aware that the Model S Plaid is price comparable to this. It wasn't shipping when we reviewed this car and we can only do one car at a time. We'll be happy to check out the Plaid when/if we can. Porsche made it easier by offering short-term rentals.