Mysto & Pizzi Beatmaking Wednesdays – Wolfing

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check out our newest halloween beatmaking ! – Mysto & Pizzi


Hope everyone enjoyed last weeks “happy birthday” video. We’re back with Episode 3 here! Also make sure to stay tuned we should be putting up our new Usher – Dj Got us Falling in Love remix up end of the week or over weekend!!

-Mysto & Pizzi


xDJSlowmox says:

thats my fav beat 😀

Beata Keiser says:

Bassclickrecords presents first BEATMAKING-VIDEO on youtube
check it out
you are welcome

German beats

Neone Family & Friends :3 says:

sounds like Escape Me by Tiesto

MaClo0 says:


Tobias Hansen says:

What vst do you use for the hook synth??
It sounds awesome 🙂

Florjan Gjolaj says:

you take a day to make an AMAZING BEAT
that could be a FULL SONG
why you guys not signed?!(or are they!)

Neone Family & Friends :3 says:

the intro is just like Escape Me by Tiesto

Malte S says:

I always wear sunglasses inside my house..

Boxer Kalininski says:

All your shit sounds the same, a little kid can make a beat like this with all that equipment you got up in there.

ShivsHurt says:

@CottoFan1 if u rlly think it's bad, then why don't u make a video response with a better song if u can?

Iron Wolf says:

where can i geT it full…

MusicMakerZx3 says:

@adagioXX2 check out: /watch?v=Zzx_fePSbC0

MusicMakerZx3 says:

3 minutes version ! /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Zzx_fePSbC0

peace n love says:


3 Min Version, PROPZ @ MUSICMAKERZx3 check out his channel

peace n love says:

@MusicMakerZx3 fame machung is in arbeit chab

SoOoSikK says:

OneBiasedOpinion says:

Y'know, if you change the "n" in your username to a "g," I think it would be very appropriate for you.

puck fu says:

You guys are making it look too easy sometimes lol

beefstu says:

this is my favorite beatmaking video, I hope they make some more in the future!

hackjilton says:

These used to be the BEST i keep going back to watch em all they so good

J-dogg says:

I still come back to these beat making Wednesday's on 2020