NFL Best Speed Kills Moments || HD (PT. 5)

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Basically NFL Players turning into the Flash for a play.

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All NFL Content i use is owned by the #NFL , i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.

Gene Tilghman says:

Whoever put this together really loves Kansas City and buffalo

Timothy Crawford says:

These are all new school. What about Rocket Ismael?

dsetgetatme says:

Albert Wilson for the Dolphins was movin on that reverse touchdown!! 🔥🔥

Trinity X says:

Now this is entertainment💯💯💯💯💯🤘🤙💪🙏👍👀

juan Velazquez says:

so we gunna talk about jason mcourty almost catching tyreek hill

L.O.V.E says:

just put speed killing the Jaguars smh duuuval

Masum Billah says:

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Matrix Esee says:

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Gr1mShad0w49 says:

Announcer: man coverage

Robert Foster: bitch where!?

Doris Stinnett says:

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Snicklefritz79 says:

As a Browns fan I'm so eager to see Schwartz on the field. As fast as all these guys r he has a different gear. Olympic caliber speed!!! I'm looking forward to seeing him open and stretch the field for us

Die-Cast says:

you know whats awesome about this play? So they broke it down and for the first 40 yards Metcalf ran it in 4.19 seconds! Going from a East/West direction to North/South and then traveling 40 yards in 4.19 seconds. Man is FLYING! DK's first 50-60 yards is top flight world class speed and being so big and just a massive man it truly is amazing that he is THIS fast.

LitJay Games says:

Do “best quarterback saves.” please

Wendy Baker says:

All yall did was show a lot of other teams ans hardly showed any of the ravens will not th in s station no more

Rob Jenkins says:

Metcalf's play is the exception to the rule. Beautiful play, but especially these days we see soooo many players give up on similar type plays. Mindset- "I've got my millions, whether we lose this game or not. Why risk the injury?"

゙ ̈ ̈I ̈ ̈ ̈ エ // ゙ says:

As a Jacksonville fan I was thinking to myself “well at least this video doesn’t have any clips of the Jags getting torched”
Then 09:15 happened 🤦‍♂️

R. Jay stewart says:

Running QB = crappy football = short careers


Do “Insane hesitations” where players juke people out or outrun defenders with hesitation moves

james kuecken says:

0:22 🖕

Colorful Video Clips says:

See the girls on our channel!