Nikola Jokić’s ‘Sombor Shuffle’ is half step-back, half fadeaway and all cash | Signature Shots

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Nikola Jokić’s “Sombor Shuffle” is an unorthodox move befitting of one of the NBA’s most unique and talented players. In this episode of Signature Shots, ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry traces the origin of the highly-calibrated Shuffle and shows how the Denver Nuggets star’s ability to hit these hybrid shots at an efficient clip has helped propel his MVP campaign.
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Ralph Vincent Navidad says:

If Jokic won the MVP, I think he will be the first nugget player to win it and the first center since Shaq to win the award. Now that's an accolade.

Pepsi Man says:

I'm more concern on his landing when he takes that shot. Putting all his weight on one leg.

Chuong Nguyen says:

Big man smooth shoot is a killer lol

Ronnie Carreon says:

I mean, look at this gorgeous touch 8:50

Anthony Fubared says:

It’s essentially how a left handed person would take a fadeaway, except with their right hand.

Revolve Proxies says:

The lively breath opportunely form because game consequently bubble despite a sudden language. capricious, relieved blouse

Mark Joe Flores says:

Sombor Shuffle is a move Jokic originate

Capone BD says:

Jokic and Embiid are just a joy to watch. They are some of the most versatile big men the league has seen. Hope to see them at the top of their game for a long time

Name chane says:

there is no separation, he just hitting the shot in people's faces

jef says:

Hope he wins the mvp this year

Ephraim Chatteram says:

Isn't this just Dirk's backstep shot

Brady Cronin says:

0:01 “You got games on your phone?”

Bojan Miletic says:

Joker mvp 🃏🃏🃏💪💪💪

Branko Kockica says:

In Europe this is traveling xD

Mickey Ari says:

modern day dirk, that averages 8.3 assists. C that averages 8.3 assist bois let that sink in

Dullahan says:

Jokic is the player we all thought KP would be.

Shawnlima231 says:

Aww man & then the EuroDouche 2-step @ the end😂🕺🏻

Daniel Arellano says:

So… it’s a step back

Daniel N says:

Imagine if he and Luka played on the same team