ORES Drop LEVEL 10,000,000 LOOT in Minecraft

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We add level 10 MILLION loot Drops in Minecraft!

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Kenneth says:

ssundee: calls ancient derbis ancient derba

wolf kid says:

I thought he sed the f word

Evan Bishop says:

Why didn’t he use one of the looting picks

Tovi Anthony says:

Do you even vanilla bro

Ballon man says:

The max enchant is 60000000000

jay parmenas says:

LOL I call this the no point on doing anything besides mining mod

Timmy Bimmy says:

5:30 was a blue axolotl bro so rare

Fox Forsburg says:

i helped! (sarcasm) 3:39

Wyatt Allen says:


re re says:

O MY GOSH 😱😱😱🤯

Julian Lupian says:

What’s the like button turns black?!

Melon Man says:

Ssundee: you axolotl questions
Game: biffle has earned the achievement: “a throwaway joke”

landon trahan says:

Was I the only one sitting here like "USE THE FORTUNE!!"

Stephen Marquez says:

My like button turns white when I touch it


debras hahaha

Brah Brah says:

SSundee just killed everyone

Elrick Matson says:

He owns too many servers

Ghafi Arfadhian says:

Boys lest hit the like button

bg sw says:

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Gargo 3627 says:

How are you getting so may dimonds

Asadullah Gulam Nabi says:

ssundee coudint do 1000 like every youtuber no he has to do 10m

simone silva says:

7:26 you mean lepiss

Asad Marji says:

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Lethal dose of idiots says:

Who should do your prison series again

Sofus Pedersen says:

Comment 76 of asking for another Pixelmon series

tinkle bell says:

The like button turned black

Ryan Webb says:

It's pronounced debree

Atreus says:

I'm doing something wrong apparently because it turns white

Ecalleros323 Ecalleros323 says:

Haha great video

King Koby says:

Why 😭 sundew kill the rarest axolotl in the game 5:35