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At once saucy, crunchy, juicy and chewy, potstickers are a cross-cultural appetizer that are worth the effort to make from scratch. Well, maybe not the wrappers. But even if you can’t find those in your local grocer, we’ve got you covered with a non-traditional but low-impact method for making the dough from scratch as well!

I don’t show how to crimp dumplings very well, so check out this much more informative tutorial on dumpling-folding:

Recipe: https://basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/potstickers

My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!

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Bill Kong says:

Important that the dough be made with hot (nearly boiling) flour. This will keep it from being bouncy and will make it much easier to get nice thin dumpling skins.

Bill Kong says:

I've never seen carrots in dumplings

Bill Kong says:

What is this dip?
A bowl of zhenjiang mature (dark) vinegar. For my family, that's it. Maybe ginger/scallions/sesame oil optional.

Alyssa Musselman says:

You would do so well on chopped

Timber Goat says:

Thanks for not throwing 12 sponsored products in this video so you can pay your expensive rent.

Bill Kong says:

If you're making potstickers you specifically want to avoid making the skins too thin. The browned crunchy bottom is kinda the main attraction.

Brad Good says:

From China: This is so painful. Basically, Babish is showing how to make an American dish insinuating it's Chinese. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could be further from the truth. I won't even let my Chinese wife see this video. Authenticity, please.

Roland Sosa Hernandez says:

Banish should do the Oba Gyoza from Dorohedoro. It even has a canon recipe.

Dat Phan says:

Does anybody know what knife he is using in this?

HazmatHarry says:

" – Sigh – The only thing that could make this better is a jar of Kenji's finest sake . . but then he wouldn't stop talking. "

Net says:

I add powdered mustard seeds to the sauce

Jytra says:

I feel like this was kinda a missed opportunity to do a tie-in…like Gyoza…from Dorohedoro…not because a certain fairy or lizard-headed man told me to suggest it…

Either that or you can do a mushroom themed episode…

_Swayze_ Lean_ says:

What happen to ground old pepper he used to have? RIP🥺

lowlight says:

ахуеть пельмени

Zhuofan Zhang says:

My family's recipe would roll the dough into a roll, cut it into small circles, and then roll each small circle into a large and thin wrapper. Less waste, but more work, for sure.

ironysteeth says:

Sesame chicken? Broccoli beef? I get me some egg rolls and potstickers. China lady then asks what I want for my entree, and I tell her this IS my entree.

Pro Hunter says:

U can also boil it or steam it

silverisss says:

Could you do an episode on kitchen knives? Ive been using a pretty bad knife for almost a year and i need a proper one. There's so many available, im not sure what to get. The one you use looks cool tho

StormTrooperEX says:

regret trying to make this

Omerta says:

I've never seen someone bind dumpling filling with an egg before.
I'm not down with that.

Tzadeck says:

Okay I'm on board with this except the dipping sauce. I'm not sure about the Chinese version, but in Japan there are three things in gyoza dipping sauce: soy sauce, rice vinegar, and (optionally) rayu, which is a chili sauce. Most people like more soy sauce than vinegar.

Samuel Converse says:

4:05 Andrew just wanted to show off his watch lol!

jama88 says:

Heres one

yoshikages breakfast


Topher Petherick says:

Haachama-chama cooking Gyoza

Griffin Davis says:

Crossover with ordinary sausage

Dr. Pepper says:

"something traditional but can be a little difficult to find napa cabbage"
Me : laughs in asian

Dr. Pepper says:

Tip about the cleats :
You can just seal them and use a fork to make patterns at the edge, less pretty but more easy

the Freaky Dude says:

This could have been an episode about the "Obah Gyoza" from the anime Dorohedoro