PS5 vs Xbox Series X – Which is BEST?

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X (Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X) – Which is BEST?
► More PS5 details –
► More Xbox Series X details –
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Wyatt Pastorell says:

Xbox series x

Erica M says:

it has been proven that xbox series x is better in many ways than the ps5 its a no brainer.

Bob Houser says:

I want the Xbox series x

Diego Cardona says:

I’m going to get the xbox series x when it comes out but I do hope that they release better exclusive games, I’d like something other than halo 2 play

Salma Atayee says:

does fortnite danlowed

Ma Ronie says:

I’m going to be getting da Xbox

Philo Tamer Aied says:

Hopefully stores are open again and we don’t stay at home because these consoles are insane

L Lucid says:

Xbox series x

joe maldonado says:

Ps5 bro all the way also ur b day is the same day as mine

Heath Crane says:

Just a heads up in your video you say the PlayStation has more compute units that is wrong!!! The Xbox series X has more compute units!!!

Isaiah Compagne says:

You must be so rich if you can get both consoles

RNGgamer-_- YT says:

U talked a lot but no one cares about them cares about corona more

Jaty Laiso says:

I need a ps5 plzz

RJ Dombrowski says:

A true gamer knows the war has ended

new t says:

why are you shouting.

Unregistered name says:

He says “I can’t remember the last time I buy physical desk maybe for my Nintendo switch” Buddy I don’t think
Nintendo switch has discs

Jefferson Costa says:

Menino fala em português, é melhor!

cool gamer saul says:

The real question is when will Ali a stop clickbaing and shut the f**k up

Tyler Starks says:

Xbox series x

Zachary Shaw says:

Xbox series x

Piggy says:

Alia intro play

Dey Foe says:

PlayStation took the Memory Card away and Xbox just brought it Back💯

ILuvMuzik says:

Thank you. Something other than fortnite. Finally

Stealthy says:

I use a disc because if my console breaks down, the digital games are just trapped in there. With a disc, you can place it in another console (but yes I know that if you start the game on a different console then it starts like it's your first time playing) and play from there. Also, disc versions have more special event discounts compared to digital.


Bro you should see the size of the latest siege update

Brice Taylor says:

I want the new Xbox

Nathan Hargrove says:

xbox series x

mickey sample says:


Mitchell R says:

My gaming desktop already outmatches the new Xbox. I want a ps5 for the exclusives

Calum Kilburn says:

X station 😂