Rep. Katie Porter Calls Out Congresspeople Who Still Use Flip Phones

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Representative Katie Porter talks about her reputation for asking tough questions and how she thinks Congress should adapt to the age of COVID-19.

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Rep. Katie Porter Calls Out Congresspeople Who Still Use Flip Phones- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Laurel says:

Single mom or divorced mom?

Barbara Walker Okay says:

Smart lady!!!!

redjalapeno says:

I have a flip phone. It cost me about $5 dollars a month. I can text and make phone calls. I use a laptop for everything else.

Michele H says:

Honestly it’s ridiculous that Congress can’t do this. Shame on them.

david owens says:

Biden pick Porter as his VP? Never. Why? She'd upstage him. Constantly. It would be like trying to upstage Michael Jackson in a moonwalking contest. Good luck with that…….

Joseph Kemphaus says:

Hey, I still use a flip phone.

Peggy Ferrera says:

I'm praying you'll get the chance to question trump when he's voted OUT!

OccasionalGamer says:

We need many, many more Katie Porters in Congress, people who haven't forgotten that they serve the people, not corporations or themselves.

Sandi Richard says:

My future President right here! I love this lady, she's so Savage!

donHooligan says:

climate change is killing the planet and this asshole is promoting needless consumerism.
hang her with the fascists.